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“6000 – 7000 People Visiting Every Day in a B2B Event is Not A Small Thing” – Davinder Wadhwa

I Am Important

TFT has interviewed more than 300 Exhibition Organisers, from the start-ups to the biggest of them from the world. This exclusive Q and A, “I am Important” is exclusively meant for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Visitors of Trade Shows where we talk to the other side of stake holders about their products/ services and their experience at a Trade Show. TFT reporting team visited Palm Expo and spoke to few of very important participants. Four of such exclusive talks follow:

Davinder Wadhwa, with more than 35 years of experience in hard core production, technology and innovation in sound and light engineering, Davinder Wadhwa is hailed as a pioneer and stalwart in the Indian Experiential Marketing Industry. His vision and path breaking strides have created milestones, both in the history and the future of Event Technology. He has been the backbone of this industry and led by an example for many.

Davinder Wadhwa, M.D of Modern Stage Services talks to TFT about exhibiting in PALM Expo 2018, new technologies and more.

TFT : How has your experience been in this 18th edition of PALM Expo 2018?
DW : It has been a very good exhibition. It’s the only exhibition in the country which caters to lighting, audio, video and technology based companies all across the world. About 3,300 plus exhibitors are here and more than 25,000 people are easily expected to visit in three days which is a very good amount of footfall for any exhibition. It’s a very good platform for us as well as the Rental companies, Installation companies, Event managers and customers to showcase the new and upcoming technologies from the AV world.

TFT : Based on Commercial ROI how has the footfall been this year?
DW : It’s been good. Around 6000-7000 people visiting and enquiring every day in a B2B Event is not a small thing. If we get seven customers in a day, it’s more than sufficient for us to recover the exhibition participation costs, which is a very normal case. I’m very happy to be a part of PALM. I have been participating in this exhibition from the past 12 years and with each passing year I’ve noticed many wellknown and lesser known companies along with visitors and trade visitors, wait for this exhibition eagerly to begin. They book flight tickets, make hotel reservations nearby well in advance. You’ll find all kind of technical people here. 90% of the country’s technical company owners are available at this venue during this time of the year for PALM Expo.

TFT : Tell us about your company, Modern Stage Services. What it does? What is it into?
DW : Modern Stage Services is one of the oldest companies, having been a part of this industry for more than 50 years now. We are a technology based company for Events, Lighting, Audio, Video, Shooting, Trussing and Live-Events bringing along latest technologies in the world – Video Mapping, Special Trussing, Special Lights Requirements, LED Wall etc. We are among the first few people to bring about the latest in technologies in India and we’re spending almost 90% of the profit for next year’s investments.