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Dear Readers,
The exhibition industry in India is surging on fraternity events. March saw the Exhibition Excellence Awards at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, April will see the IESA organising India Expo Shop at the same venue; co-situated with Global Exhibition on Service; the May will have the highly anticipated yearly assembling at IEIA Open Seminar in Mumbai while June will see the activities from India as the Global Exhibition Day will advance toward the clique.

TradeFairTimes has rejected the proposals to be media partner with any event other than IEIA Open Seminar, this is absolutely in light of the fact that TFT neither trusts in deception nor wish to be exploited.

The rise and…of an Exhibition Services Association.

While I have been involved right from inception till formation of IESA – working on the concept, events,memorandum, promotion, training, content, sponsorship, presentations, membership drive and have been able to help organize many training programs with a great trainer Arun Pahwa.

The affiliation treats experts and supporters similarly as another sub vendors to a contractor member, and the way it has been taken for a ride by the couple of influential contractors to set their scores with exhibition organizers has a troubling future for It’s members.

An (anticipated) apex body or a national association which utilizes copyrighted collateral, does not record minutes and does not follow it’s articles and even retreats from it’s responsibilities and backs out on it’s commitments with trainers and vendors may not last very long as a reputed initiative.

The very objective of the association has been deviated by a few and is being veered off from it’s core motivation, strangely many of the members are not even aware of the AOA and MOA of the association.

This is likewise strange that the association, in spite of having a mandate not to elect tainted and accused people have not been able to elect a few sincere and knowledge driven people onthe key positions. In any case, TFT remains and will remain the courageous and valiant media to dependably talk truth with proofs and will never bargain with it’s content.

The TFT April edition has a lot to peruse and share. Additionally, tradefairtimes’ online version breaks all records of whatever other tradefair media of the world. The solid readerbase of online TFT has reached more than 10,000 readers every week with the aggregate hits traversed to 15.5 lac. Thanks to our expert and young team of professionals , the result has also encouraged us to be more vigilant with regards to our content & marketing strategies.

We always look forward for your feedback on our content and reporting.
Cheers for now.
See you all at IEIA Open Seminar 2017.
M Q Syed Editor-In-Chief