TFT -Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of glasstec. What would you like to say about the 25th year of glasstec? JZ – We are with glasstec almost since the beginning. The 25th anniversary of glasstec this year, for sure, is going to be one of the must attend exhibition for everyone from this industry. Overall, it’s the most

important exhibition in the world. Glasstec is the most important exhibition in the world because there you get to see what’s currently available in the market and what the future can offer – the latest in technology, state of the art glass products, the reason why I strictly recommend visiting glasstec for all the days.

TFT -The previous glasstec exhibition saw around 52 countries participating. What are the expectations this time?How many visitors-footfalls are you expecting?

JZ -We are expecting a big increase this year because the industries everywhere are booming, therefore, we are expecting many more exhibitors and visitors just the same as two years ago. We are expecting visitors from many more countries besides the typical market like Middle and Central Europe, Northern America and Asia Pacific, we are expecting more visitors now from other regions where the demands for glass usage is decreasing like South America, North and South Africa. We are also expecting more visitors from Central Africa because it is the market of the future where the trends are also catching pace.

TFT -Glasspro India 2018 is supposed to take place in September in Mumbai. Can you elaborate on it as well?

JZ -I believe it will be an event through which you will get an outlook of the glass industry and innovations. I can only recommend everyone to visit the show because this is for me – let’s say; the start-up – entrance to glasstec.

TFT -This year marks the 25th anniversary of glasstec. So, how excited are you for it?

JZ -Basically, we all are really very excited. We are eager to receive our clients, eager to exhibit and I think everybody is happy to be in and celebrate the 25th anniversary there and I am sure we can make some surprises to the guests visiting us.