India's Pioneer Media on TradeFairs

“Collaborating and Partnering with India is a win-win situation”– Zhao Wei

“The pioneer publication for Exhibition Industry in China collaborates with the pioneer publication of Trade Fairs in India; TradeFairTimes signs a MoU with China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine – CICE to  exchange the ideas & the content.” A TFT exclusive Q & A.

TFT : What would you like to say about Indian Media coming to China to explore the Chinese Exhibition Industry and vice-versa?

ZW : About India, from what we understand now, you need a lot of basic market instructions. So when I think about Indian Media coming to China and exploring the exhibition industry it will present the experience of working like the Chinese Exhibition Industry and work & try to understand the in & out of our work patterns .Partnering & collaborating for events and exhibitions will certainly help this coming together of the pioneers from this industry as well as others to grow and in-turn help the Industry grow. We can certainly help because of our experience in the exhibition industry and help India to develop the market to co-operate and make more profits in the future. In China we have the import expo where we have more demands on imports hence we also need to know more about the service from India and maybe we can import more goods. To grow globally we need to co-operate together so we can develop as a very strong market. China used to be conservative but now we are having a very open minded attitude towards the world and for India it’s totally/absolutely open to partner and co-operate. We wish India can also have the same open attitude to allow more entrepreneurs to go to China and collaborate with Chinese entrepreneurs. This will create a collaboration pattern that we need for both parties as the magazines are based on trade fairs and exhibitions.We have witnessed the improvement of the Chinese Exhibition Industry through which we can give valuable inputs for the betterment of the Indian Exhibition Industry. As we mentioned it’s the first exhibition magazine so we have witnessed the growth and mistakes and improvised on things. We have the resources in the exhibition industry which is why we designed and created Expo Project for International Co-operation – EPFIC, it’s our 8th time now and the purpose of the fair is to create a platform for Global Exhibition Panelists’ Cooperation to meet in this event and talk about the future collaborations – co-operations. In this case we are open to receive Indian entrepreneurs to come to this event for further business opportunities and create a partnership beneficial for the future.

TFT : I would like to ask you about China and India collaboration or operation & how can India help China and vice-versa to do better business? How has been your experience at IEIA Open Seminar? Is this your first visit?

ZW : Yes, this is my first visit in India, a new experience and it’s much better than we expected. The overall preparation/execution for the IEIA Open Seminar has overhauled us and we are happy to be here and be a part of this wonderful event. Certainly both the countries collaborating would mean coming of something great. Partnering with India would really help us to widen our network and reach a wide portion of exhibition industry. It’s a win-win situation for both India and China and I’m really excited and looking forward for big things.

TFT : What is your core objective to be at IEIA Open Seminar?

ZW : First of all, I am honored to be invited by IEIA. Being the only media channel from China participating here in this conference, I came here for growing our network overseas and to find partners and organizers. There are some similarities and additions from the ones in our events, as you have a conference, business match-making programmes, seminars and well known panelists along with food & drinks. We learned new things just by being here.

TFT : Can you tell us about your business, publication, media & how this media can help India and how both countries can collaborate?

ZW : As I said, the China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine is the first Exhibition related magazine in China since 1994 and also we are the only media partners of UFI from China. By networking in events like these we enable our chances to grow and our readers and colleagues and partners and exhibition experts’ wants to know more about the Chinese Exhibition Industry and we also get to know more about the Industry in other parts of the world.

TFT : Also, are you open to collaborate with the Indian Media?

ZW : Of course! I would love to collaborate with the Indian Media because China and India is all the same with both dating back to a long history and both having a large population in the world which means reaching out to a lot of people. We are kind of similar, so we are looking forward to more collaboration with the Indian Media and the Indian Exhibition Industry. It would mean something great with the 2 fastest growing economies of the world coming together as partners.