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Council of Indian Exhibition Organisers (CIEO) Drives Innovation and Collaboration with the “Technology Vendors – Exhibition Organisers Meet”


Mumbai, Date 26th July 2023 – The Council of Indian Exhibition Organisers (CIEO)  hosted a momentous event, the “Technology Vendors – Exhibition Organisers Meet”showcasing their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the exhibition industry. The event, held at the prestigious PlastIndia Foundation Auditorium, brought together industry luminaries, technology vendors, and distinguished exhibition organizers, propelling the exhibition landscape into a new era of transformative opportunities.

CIEO, an apex body of Indian Exhibition Organisers dedicated to promoting growth and excellence in the Indian exhibition industry, recognised the pivotal role technology plays in shaping the future of events and exhibitions. The primary objective of this meet-up was to bridge the convergence between technology vendors and exhibition organisers, empowering the industry to reach new heights of success.

The event commenced with an inspiring opening speech by Mr. Rajesh Bhagat, Managing Director of Worldex Exhibition & Promotions and member of the CIEO Steering Committee. Mr. Bhagat emphasized the significance of technology vendors’ collaboration with exhibition organisers, setting the stage for a day of insightful discussions.

One of the event’s highlights was the presentation session, where cutting-edge technology vendors like Coconnex, Tecogis, Centibell Lighting Pvt. Ltd., Impulse B2B Solution, Dreamcast, and Ramanora Global showcased their innovative offerings. These technology-driven solutions demonstrated how they can transform the exhibition landscape, creating immersive and engaging experiences for attendees.

A thought-provoking discussion, led by industry experts including Ms. Seema Shrivastava – Executive Director, iTMEIndia Society, and Member of the CIEO Steering Committee, along with Mr. Prashant Behl – CEO, AIPMA PLASTIVISION, Mr. Sanyal Desai – CEO, Radeecal Communication, and other distinguished Exhibition organisers, focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by small exhibition organisers in the technology-driven era.

Mr. Tarun Marwah – CEO & Secretary General of PlastIndia Foundation and a member of the CIEO Steering Committee, played a pivotal role as a perfect host, delivering the closing remarks and extending a heartfelt vote of thanks to all attendees and participants.

Mr. Vishal Ganju, Secretary General of CIEO, highlighted the significance of closed-door meetings in fostering candid discussions, nurturing relationships, and forging strategic partnerships to propel the exhibition landscape toward greater heights.

Witnessing the enthusiasm and collaborative spirit among all attendees, it became evident that the event left a lasting impact on the industry. Technology vendors and exhibition organisers departed the event with smiles on their faces, a testament to the meet’s resounding success.

With this event, CIEO aims to drive a paradigm shift in the exhibition industry, revolutionizing perceptions of technology’s role and its potential to elevate event experiences. The outcomes of this meet-up are expected to positively impact the industry as a whole, making exhibitions more immersive, engaging, and successful than ever before.