The rapid promotion of electric, intelligent, networked and shared vehicles is revolutionizing the automotive industry, introducing new business opportunities and challenges. CHINAPLAS 2019, with the theme of ‘Innovation is Key to the Future’, will showcase a series of high-tech application solutions for the sector.

The adoption of intelligent networks is making cars smarter, which will drive future automotive development while also helping to address existing traffic congestion problems. This trend is changing the very nature of automotive interiors. Looking ahead, nearly every surface of an automobile can be intelligent. These smart surfaces will help fulfill consumers’ requirements for automobiles, both aesthetically and functionally.

New materials, equipment and manufacturing processes are vital to the development of intelligent interiors, which encompass a combination of traditional accessories and electronic parts.

SuZhou ChengFeng Plastic will present what it calls ‘chameleon masterbatch’ at CHINAPLAS 2019. The most distinguishing characteristics include its optical properties, which exhibit different colours when viewed from different angles.

With interior decoration integrated with electronic components, the car will produce a lot of heat, so high thermal resistance is key. The PPA (6T) resin from Zhejiang NHU Special Materials can be used to make intelligent surface interiors due to its outstanding thermal resistance, low water absorption and high dimensional stability.

The Graphene Polymer Composites R&D Center of Shandong Lutai Holding Group will showcase an advanced graphene/PVC composite, in which graphene is grafted to the surface of PVC resin, achieving dispersion on the nanoscale for improved conductivity.

Kurz Group will put forward a solution for integrating intelligence into automotive interior designs. Using its In-Mold Decoration (IMD) films and transparent, conductive PolyTC films to produce exquisite and metallic-looking touchscreens that can be hidden when they are in standby mode, this solution can lower costs and improve productivity for makers of such parts.

Moreover, printing ink and related processes are also important for highlighting the functionalities of intelligent interior components. At CHINAPLAS 2019, Enercon Industries will showcase the latest surface plastics processing equipment used in plasma and flame treatments, which enhances the adhesion and bonding of plastics, glass, metals and composites.

CHINAPLAS 2019 will feature more than 250,000 square metres of exhibition space. Currently Asia’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair, CHINAPLAS is exclusively sponsored by EUROMAP.



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