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Editorial – June 2019

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What do you think? Is it eye catching? Pleasing? Or Average? If you didn’t notice, we’ve renovated the tabloid’s design and blended it with a fine mixture of the old and new. I hope you like the new look of this Special Edition.
Cheers to everyone! The biggest event of the apex body – Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA) comes back this month with the ninth edition of Open Seminar. We at TFT are proud to bring you this special exclusively dedicated to the members of IEIA and our Industry.
Let me clarify though, we are not Media Partners with IEIA for this year’s Open Seminar as there were some demands which required us (the media) to bow down to the association and sing it’s praises. That’s not our ethic nor is it sane to control the media as per an association’s direction. Yet, we dedicate this Special Edition to the IEIA which consists of positive talk along with expectations from the association.
Also, I am proud to announce that TradeFairTimes’ website has reached an All-Time High Visit & Subscription Record. From 30k to 70k visits. Thank you to everyone who has helped in making this a reality. Our subscription now ranges from The Trade Fair Industry to various Allied & Other Sectors.
I would first like to congratulate Anbu Varathan – Director General & CEO of IMTMA for being the first ever Indian President of UFI for 2020-21 period. I am confident you will have a deep and a positive impact in the Industry and in the Association’s progress.
India’s Economy is a Big Worry for PM Modi and his new Government, says FICCI. The Industry Body said India’s slowing economic growth is of serious concern and the country needs to urgently cut tax and interest rates to revive the economy. Also, read inside our exclusive on How IEIA should work with the Government.
This month we bring you known and unknown faces in our Q & A segment. We bring you a good line up of interviews for you to know and understand the industry and different sectors from other’s perspectives.
In Exhibition Talk, we have two fantastic articles. Chapter 9 – Using the Best Colours for Dramatic Effect – from Stephan Murtagh’s “Before You Hit The Venue” and The Importance of Communication in Event Marketing. While in TechTalk, Increasing Event Engagement with Technology.
I would like to thank all the Advertisers for choosing to advertise in this Special Edition. Without your support and commitment this wasn’t possible. I wish the adverts published in this edition helps you to gain new networks to help with your event requirements.
Also, Special Shout-Out to TEAM TFT for tirelessly working on this edition. The efforts of many months can be seen by all including the good work on the website. The Special Edition is in your hand so go ahead have a good read and don’t forget to review our work. We will be anticipating your responses. Wish you all Good Health, Stay Cool and
Keep reading TFT!
M Q Syed