During one of his addresses to the delegates at EEMAgine 2017, EEMA President Sabbas Joseph had revealed that alongside the launch of the new EEMA office, the association was looking forward to bringing a new member who would join EEMA in a senior leadership role.

Actioning the announcement yesterday, Joseph shared that a veteran from the marketing domain – Gurmukh Singh has been appointed as the Director General for EEMA. Gurmukh has taken over the responsibilities a week ago and brings to the association over 20 years of experience of being an entrepreneur and a corporate head honcho for companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel & WD.

It is believed that Singh’s appointment comes after a round of interviews with Sabbas Joseph and EEMA National Advisory Council Member, Michael Menezes.

While the EEMA NEC and NAC have always played a stellar role in shaping the way EEMA functions, the core members of EEMA have for long felt the need for a dedicated professional team to manage the organization’s work so that EEMA is a living, breathing and constantly marching forward entity.

Talking about it Sabbas Joseph, shared, “The appointment of the Director General for EEMA is the beginning of a new phase, one that will be driven by a strong integrated administration which will therefore be completely non-partisan and can constantly be a resource for government engagement, client engagement, legal pursuit on a consistent basis. The director general will become a spokesperson as well as the bridge for transition, as EEMA gets readies for its next phase of growth. Member engagement and increasing delivery and value to members are the most important agendas that are being placed before the Director General. Gurmukh has been a corporate head honcho and an entrepreneur and that allows him to both understand the entrepreneurial minds and challenges of EEMA leaders and at the same time could help set processes and systems for consistent delivery.”

On the EEMA West front, a similar initiative has taken wings as Shweta Chadha, a former event industry professional has been appointed as the Regional Manager.