TFT : How did the idea for Electric Super Bike came into your mind?
VM : Two years back I met with an accident and that is when I decided I needed to do something on my own and I always wanted to make motorcycles even before my college days, So literally I can say after that accident I got to really step out and do it and that time was really good to make electric vehicles because electric will be the future and I want to make something for the future.

TFT : When can we expect this bike into the production line?
VM :We will do our first customer delivery by April 2019 that is what we are aiming for, and are hope to achieve it.

TFT: Is there any super charging available, or what is the time for charging the super bike?
VM :Inside the city you don’t need the super charging because we give a sensible range of 200 kilometres inside the city but if you are going on the highway we will be installing the Chargers, starting from highways in and around Bangalore and then extending it to different cities across India wherever we will be serving we will be installing those charging stations on the highways in & around those cities.

TFT: What is the approximate time required for charging the bike to hundred percent?
VM : At home from a 15 amps socket if your battery is fully discharged, you will require three hours to charge it.If you have a super charger you will require thirty six minutes to fill your batteries to eighty percent.

TFT : Is there any compromise on the speed, acceleration, etc.?
VM : We are limiting it to 200 kmph which is reasonable considering the state of the roads in India but as you know the aerodynamic drag increases substantially as you speed in bridges so you are consuming power as a cube of velocity, as you go faster you will be draining the batteries faster and that’s why we are limiting 200 kmph.

TFT : We talked about the Superbike Charging, and Speed,What is the price range that you put into the output for this bike?
VM : Standard on road price will be 6 lakhs, once we upgrade it with new technologies, definitely the price will change in future.

TFT : Can you tell me your favourite three features on this bike?
VM : I love the fact that it’s a singlesided swing. We now have demo brake which works wonderfully in stopping the bike, the braking part is really crazy that’s why I’m going to buy it with all in all suspension upgrade, I love the feel of it and although there are lot of features like the display and all but personally for me these are the three things-mechanics-dynamics of it right now which reduces the weight by around seven kg, which is also our target weight and we will achieve it by optimizing the mortar by optimizing some of the parts of the chassis and all, so that optimization is still something which needs to happen along with the cooling parts, the heat and casings of the circuits and all, so we will be able to do that and then we shall have a pretty decent 0.4 or so HP per kg.

TFT : Can you provide us more information about smart features of this bike?
VM : On a dashboard you can see all the connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, it talks to the cloud, it approaches the data regarding the Diagnostics of the bike to the cloud,you can open the lock with mobile application, you have a fully digital display, you will have dual front camera signal, real camera and you can record your videos, you can have navigation with multiple notification as well as reminders.