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In spite of the fact that, Exhibition segment is going through lean season in India due to monsoon, TFT offers you the energized substance to hold the  uzz. UFI’s seventeenth Barometer finds the cover story in this issue; This is the fourth successive year TFT has solicited UFI the methodology of the  eport (relating to India) however to little fulfillment. Every year, we contact UFI to inquire as to whether the report can be considered genuinely in  the wake of number of respondents, we get variable answers yet no clarity. This year, India has reacted with only three responses to gauge the  ercentage of growth shown of India and significant part of the Asia Pacific report. While the initiative is unquestionably a decent endeavors by UFI ,  he review done has numerous misses and to be sure no hit. We urge Indian Exhibition Industry Association ( IEIA) to take an insight and turn out  ith  t’s own exploration to help the members achieve a conclusion. There are four elite Q and An in this issue, extremely intriguing , straight and  rimming  ith journalism. Pragati Maidan Hall of Nation Demolition case The Delhi High Court has communicated its anxiety over nonappearance of any  riteria  or choosing the “current legacy” status of post-Independence structures in the Capital city as far back as the board was set up in 2004. Miffed with the  eritage Conservation Committee (HCC), Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva said: “From 2004 you have no criteria? Have you held any working to be legacy  rom that point forward? In the event that yes, on what premise? It shows up they are just getting a charge out of, not working. Why have a panel, disband it.” The Court mentioned the objective fact amid the becoming aware of an appeal documented by the Delhi section of Indian National Trust  or Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) claiming “complete surrender” of obligation by the HCC and the Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) to ensure the city’s “contemporary building legacy”. INTACH has fought that the rundown of 62 structures including that of Hall of Nation, due for demolition to pave way for redevelopment of Pragati Maidan , was submitted to the HCC and DUAC in 2013. Be that as it may, they have not advised the rundown till date bringing about a “Legal Vacuum”. The NGO likewise urge civic body to not harm or destroy any of these structures. Enjoy reading TFT
M Q Syed