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Exploring Future Trends in Geriatric & Home-Based Healthcare: Government and Industry Experts Converge at India MedTech Expo 2023

The demographic transition underway in India is expected to result in a significant increase in the elderly population. By the year 2025, it is projected that the elderly population will constitute approximately 12% of the total population. By the year 2050, India is anticipated to have around 330 million individuals aged 60 and above. This would mean that every fifth person in India would be classified as a senior citizen, which is a figure equivalent to the entire population of the United State


The India MedTech Expo 2023 continued to showcase transformative advancements in healthcare through MedTech on its second day, featuring a thought-provoking session on ‘Future Trends in MedTech for Geriatric & Home-based Care.’ The event took place from 17th to 19th August 2023 at the Helipad Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar and was attended by government stakeholders from various ministries, international diplomats, and industry leaders from MedTech, Hospitals & Healthcare sectors.

Chaired by Dr. Vinod Kumar Paul, Member of NITI Aayog, and moderated by Mr. Pavan Choudary, Chairman of the Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI), the session focused on the critical role of MedTech in enabling care for seniors. Policymakers from the Department of Social Justice & Empowerment, National Health Authority (NHA), and the Health & Family Welfare Department of Gujarat participated. Insights from industry leaders from organizations like Antara Senior Living, ProTribe Senior Care Services Pvt Ltd, Pristyn Care, Healthcare at Home, and Abbott Diabetes Care elevated the discussion.

Mr. Pavan Choudary emphasized the changing dynamics for elders, highlighting the diminishing utility due to readily available knowledge and industrialization. He mentioned the financial burden of caregiving and the challenges faced by the “sandwich generation” caring for both parents and children.

Dr. Vinod Kumar Paul highlighted the societal and governmental responsibility to address the needs of the elderly, with a focus on assisted medical devices. He stressed the importance of tailored solutions for elderly women.

Mr. Rajit Mehta, MD & CEO of Antara Senior Living, expressed the need to prepare for elder care and collaborate on viable solutions. The panel requested government support in resolving GST anomalies and non-coverage under government schemes.

The panel discussed the Uniform Code for Medical Device Marketing Practices (UCMDMP), highlighting its meticulous drafting and the need for ethical marketing practices. They also mentioned challenges with NMC’s Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) guidelines, which restrict doctors’ participation in third-party educational activities.