Dear Readers,

The international exhibition fraternity overwhelmingly anticipates the ‘Global Exhibitions Day’ falling on 8th une 2016 . Indian exhibition fraternity; many a time falling short on it’s own thoughts and initiatives in the sector to commend the day on the initiative of UFI, IAEE and other global affiliations. Incidentally, 8th June is also a government formation and legislation day in America, perhaps one more and the most ‘Superior’ reason to decide the date as ‘Global Exhibitions Day’. TFT bolsters any activity, which acquires the enthusiasm, support or the awareness on Indian Exhibition Sector. Following the footsteps of governing international associations is good, but being the largest democracy, second-largest economy and the most happening exhibition sector of the world; we truly need to set our own particular objectives, goals, and targets keeping in perspective the topographical, social and economic necessities of the Indian exhibition

sector.TFT has been expressly composing and battling on the advancement and other issues of the Indian

Exhibition sector, let it be the infrastructure, the growth rate, and Indian skills which have been shown in bad light and under-reported by many of the international associations. We the Indians never articulate a word, rather we are continually laying a red carpet welcome for these international associations. On top of it, the minute we endeavor to showcase the genuine development and projections or counter the examination, your own fraternity takes you for a ride. In any case, TFT, as an autonomous, non-biased and influence-free media will dependably highlight such errors and should continue highlighting imperative issues relating to the

Indian Exhibition Sector. Wishing every one of you ‘Global Exhibitions Day’.

M Q Syed