Expo    Project   Fair    for    International   Cooperation    2018

Globalization · Interconnection · Create New Heights of Convention and Exhibition

JUNE 25th-27th 2018

China Hangzhou International Expo Center


Monday June 25th  2018

09:00-20:00 Registration (The registration date for 25th is the Hotel Reception
landing hall for the hotel you stay at ) hall
10:00-16:30 Master  Forum  (only  for  participants  in  this 102A
session )
12:10-13:40 Theme Lunch Meeting 101
Only for trainees of Master Forum
13:40-14:00 VIP Room VIP1-2
VIP rest before High-end forum
High-end Forum of Leading Conference Regional
and Exhibition Cities
(closed-door conference is limited to representatives
14:00-17:30 Conference theme 102B
Moderator:  Zhao  Wei,  Founder   EPFIC/President  New
Expo International Media
The leader of the host city deliver a welcome speech
The  interactive  session  open  to  delegates  of  each
exhibition city
17:45-19:45 High-end networking dinner 101
by invitation only
All Day Booth Set Up Preface rooms on
09:00-24:00 the first and
second floors


Tuesday June 26th  2018

09:00-17:00 Registration   EPFIC  Registration  at  Hangzhou preface room on
International Expo Center the first floor
09:00-16:30 Booth  Visit · Business  Sharing——Full-day Preface rooms on
Exhibition the first and
09:00-10:00 Networking Tea Break second floors
09:00-10:00 VIP business sharing VIP rest  before   Plenary VIP2-2
Opening Ceremony
Leaders visit the exhibition Preface rooms on
10:00-10:20 the first and
second floors
The 8th Expo Project Fair for
International Cooperation Plenary
Opening Ceremony
Convention Theme
Globalization· Interconnection·Create New Heights of
Convention and Exhibition
ModeratorTang  Xue, General Manager,  Hangzhou
International Expo Center
Leader’s Speech
Zhao Wei,  Founder EPFIC / President of  New Exhibition
International Media
Leaders of  Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government
Leaders of  Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Keynote Speech
Speech topic
Guest speaker:Chen Xianjin,  President,  Shanghai
Convention & Exhibition Industries Association
Speech topicImportant Development Trends of
Chinese Exhibition Industry Press Conference
10:30-12:20 Guest speaker:Mark Cochrane, Regional Manager Asia-
Pacific, UFI
Keynote Speech
Speech topic
Guest speaker:Leaders of Hangzhou Convention &
Exhibition Office
Speech topicInsights, Innovation and Inspiration to
Grow Event Attendance
Guest speaker:Marsha Flanagan, Vice President,
International Association of  Exhibitions and Events
Speech topic
Guest speaker:Wang Qiongwen,  President, Xiamen
Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs
Speech topic
Guest speaker:Liu Haiying  Former General Manager of
China National Convention Center
Speech topicCharming Xiao Shan · Paradise for
Guest speaker:Leaders of Xiaoshan District Tourism


12:20-13:30 Lunch Function room
12:30-13:40VIP high-end Social Lunchby invitation only 101
14:00-16:00 Global Convention and Exhibition (Beijing) 102A
Promotion Meeting
13:30-15:00 Hangzhou Theme Promotion Meeting 102C
13:30-16:00 Convention & Exhibition Destination Promotion 102B
and Docking Meeting——Charming Suzhou
Networking Tea Break Preface rooms on
15:00-15:30 the first and
second floors
15:00-15:15 VIP RoomVIP lounge  before the forum of Dialogue VIP1-2
government Convention & exhibition
Parallel forum Conversation of Government
Convention & Exhibition Projects
Forum   Theme    New   thinking   leads   government
Moderator Chu  Xiangyin,  Executive  Vice  President,
China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society
Keynote Speech
Speech topic
Guest  speaker  Qiu  Jianping,  Director,  Hangzhou
Convention & Exhibition Office
Dialogue Session
Dialogue  Theme    Market  trends  of  government
exhibition——Dominance, Guidance, Services
Moderator Chu  Xiangyin,  Executive  Vice  President,
China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society
Key point of dialogue
1.Which exhibitions in China are at the forefront of
15:15-16:45 marketization? 103A
2. The contradiction between the desire of marketization
and the reality
3.The  elements  for  the  marketization  of  government
4.After marketization, the specific division of labor and
trend of government exhibition
Dialogue guests
Liang Jie, Director , Nanjing Convention & Exhibition
Zhang Xinger , Director, Ningbo Convention & Exhibition
Zhong Gang ,  President, VNU Exhibitions Asia
Li  Songdong,  Minister Exhibition  Department  of  China
International Equipment manufacturing Exposition
  • Information Release


Contents: National Government-led Exhibition Research Report 2017-2018 (The report only distributed to participants at the site and will not be provided after)


Publisher: Chen Meng, Editorial Director, China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine

15:15-17:45 Parallel forum Convention  & Exhibition 103B
Center Cooperation Forum


Forum Theme: Using Regional Resources for Services Innovation




Keynote Speech


Speech Theme: Case analysis of economic effects contribution to the city by large scale exhibition center Guest Speaker: Aloysius Arlando, President, AIPC / CEO, SingEx Holdings, Singapore


Dialogue Session 1


Dialogue Theme: The Co-opetition Relationship of Venues


Key Points:


  1. New venues have been built in various cities which are conductive to breaking the monopolistic competition. However, there are also possibilities of venues oversupplied, how to develop in dislocation and achieve win-win situation?


  1. How should the operation of convention & exhibition centers be jointly developed with the regional economy?


  1. How to develop the core competitiveness of large-scale venues?


Dialogue Guests:


Joey Pather, General  Manager, Guangdong Tanzhou
Convention & Exhibition Center
Wang Mian General Manager, Sichuan Expo City
Cha Weicong Deputy President, Suzhou Culture Expo
Center Co.,Ltd.
Ma Hongding Deputy   General  Manager, Shanghai
Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing
Su  Feng General  Manager, Ningbo International
Convention & Exhibition Center Co., Ltd
Rong Shuling Director, Qingdao International
Convention & Exhibition Center

Dialogue Session 2


Dialogue Theme: The marketing strategy of venues


Key Points:


  1. How do venues introduce exhibitions taking advantages of regional resources?
  2. What are the most concerned factors in selecting venues for the convention & exhibition project
  3. Collaborative development of venues self-organized exhibitions & guest exhibitions


Moderator: Huang Jianlun Executive Director, Ungerboeck

Dialogue Guests


Ren Yu General Manager, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center


Wang Jinxin  General Manager, Dalian Conference Center


Xu  Yingzi  General  Manager, Qujiang  International
Conference Center
Fu Rui General Manager, Zhuhai International Convention
& Exhibition Center
Zuo Lin General Manager, Chengdu Century City
Zhang Qingxuan General Manager, Nanjing International
Expo Center

Information Release


Contents:  “China Conference Center Data Survey Report


2017-2018”(The report is only distributed to participants at the site and will not be provided after)


Publisher: Chen Meng Editorial Director, China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine


High-end Interview: A Conversation with Top Multinational Organizers

Theme:  Hand   in  Hand   and  Work  Together,   Maximize

Exhibition Value

Moderator:  Paul   Woodward  Chairman,  Paul   Woodward


Key Points:


  1. Focus on industry needs, design forward-looking topics


  1. Effective audience  promotion  of  convention  &


16:00-17:30 exhibition 103C
3.  Improve  the efficiency  of negotiations  and on-site
4.  Data  collection  and  application  of  convention  &
5. Online platform continues the value of convention &
Dialogue Guests:
Thomas  Löffler Chief  Financial  Officer-Greater China,
Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd
Axel Bartkus General Manger , Messe Düsseldorf China
and Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai Ltd.
Gerard Leeuwenburgh Vice President-Asia, DMG Events


Cocktail Buffet: Beautiful Hangzhou, Attractive
17:45-19:45 We gather at Hangzhou, Xiaoshan in June for EPFIC. Function Room
The  socially-themed  cocktail  party  provides  endless
imagination for all the participants and guests.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


09:00-16:00Registration preface room on
the first floor
Booth   Visit   · Business   Sharing—All   Day Preface rooms on
09:00-17:30 the first and
second floors


Parallel forumOverseas Exhibition Forum


Forum Theme: Take exhibitions as a bridge to open up the global market




Keynote Speech


Speech topic: New trends in the outbound exhibition market


09:30-12:00      Guest speaker: Zhang Li Chairman, 102A CEMC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Speech topic: PTAK WARSAW EXPO: your best opportunity


Speech Guest: Tomasz Szypula, Chairman of the Board of PTAK Warsaw Expo


Dialogue Session 1:



  1. Introduction of convention and exhibition resources in hot international market


  1. Use online platform to increase the exposure of exhibitors


  1. Assist companies to develop the market with localized thinking


Moderator : Muyessara Tursun, Deputy General Manager ITE International Convention & Exhibition Service(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.


Dialogue Guests:


He Mianzhi Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Tai Desheng Logistics Co., Ltd.


Chen Zhirong Director, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel

Chen Yilong Managing Director,           Exhibition and New

Exhibition Joint Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Yang  Ming,   General   Manager,       CMEC   International

Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Dialogue Session 2



  1. Intellectual Property Protection at Overseas Exhibition


  1. Enhance Cooperation, Optomize Service


Moderator:  Huang  Yan  Deputy   General  Manager,  Nam

Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd.

Dialogue Guests:


Wang    Jingdong           General Manager.           Beijing  Union    Expo



International Exhibition Co., Ltd Ren Enjie General Manager,



Beijing     Heliview



International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Liang   Dongmei   International   Cooperation    Department


Director,   Zhenwei Exhibitions Group

Zhang      Yazhu     Deputy      General      Manager,     General

International Advertising and Exhibition Company


Information Release


Contents: “The Report on the Survival Situation of Chinese Outbound Exhibitions” (The report is only distributed to participants at the site and will not be provided after)

Publisher: Chen Meng Editorial Director, China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine

Parallel  forum Convention  &  Exhibition
Education Forum
Forum  Theme:  New  needs  for  convention  &  exhibition
talents in the new era
Moderator: Bai Yan, Deputy General Manager, Boqian
Exhibition Co., Ltd.
10:00-12:00 Leader’s Speech 102B
Liu  Yong,  Deputy  Secretary-General,  China General
Chamber of Commerce
Keynote Speech
Speech topic: The focus and breakthrough direction of talent
supply and demand in convention & exhibition industry
Guest Speaker: Chen Zeyan Chairman, China International
College-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance of Convention &


Speech topic: Characteristics and mode innovation of higher education in exhibition


Guest speaker: Ding Pingping, Deputy president ZCES/ Director of Department of Humanities and Tourism Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade


Dialogue Session
Dialogue topic: Seeking common ground and overcoming
differences between colleges and enterprises
Points: 1. What professional talents are lacking in the
convention & exhibition industry? How big is the gap?
2.  What  is  the  situation  of  convention  &  exhibition
education in colleges? Is the scale declining ?
3. What are the difficulties in the cooperation between
enterprises   and   colleges?   How   to   innovate   the
4.  What  are  the  expectations  and  requirements  of
enterprises and colleges for each other?
5. How to enhance the interaction so that enterprises
and colleges match more closely?
6.   In   the   process   of   student   internship,   what
responsibility should both the college and enterprise do?
dialogue guests
Wang   Shengying,   Executive   Director,   International
Convention  and  Exhibition  Industry  Research  Institute,
Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Zhang  Min,  President,  Shanghai  University  Exhibition
Cai   Weimin,   Director,   Hunan   Normal   University
Convention and Exhibition Center
Han   Xiaohong,   President,   Yihe   Yongbang   (Beijng)
Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd
Zhang Ruxin, Director of Human Resources, Reed Expo
Signing Ceremony
School-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony
Certification Ceremony
Award the experts certificate for education & training of
China General Chamber of Commerce
Award  the  “Golden  Five-Star Award  for  Best  Exhibition
Information Release
Content  to  be  published  Investigation  report  on
Exhibition Education and Employment Status ( The report
will be distributed to the participants of the conference on
the site)
Publisher    Chen   Meng,   Editorial   Director,   China
International Conference and Exhibition Magazine
Interview the new leaders in the industry
10:30-11:30 This  interview  will  explore  the  success  of  industry- VIP1-2
leading  enterprises  and  understand  their  business
models in the form of dialogue.
Parallel forumAuto Shows Forum
11:00-12:00 Forum  theme How  to  make  a  difference  among  the 103B
numerous auto shows?
ModeratorGuan Jing, Director of Exhibition Department


Society of Automotive Engineers of China


Keynote Speech


Speech topic Analysis of the Development Status and


Trends of China’s Auto Exhibition


Guest speaker : Song Changying, Vice General Manager,


China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd


Dialogue Session


Conversation points


  1. The current domestic auto show market has a tendency of oversupplying. A city may have several auto shows in a year, how do you view this phenomenon?
  2. Proliferation may mean homogenization, the good and bad are mingled, shall we curb the development of this situation, and how?
  3. How to make yourself unique and form advantages in the homogenization and then stand out in the competition? Illustrate with examples.
  4. Is it necessary to set up an industry standard for the opening of the auto show, to enhance the quality of the exhibitions and organize exhibitions more standardized?
  5. What kind of auto shows can be regarded as excellent?


guests of conversation


Lin Tao, General Manager, Jialubo Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd (Sponsor of Qingdao International Auto Show)


Wu Ren, Secretary General, Wuhan International Auto Exhibition Administration Committee


Shi Jianhua, Vice Secretary General, China Association of Automobile Manufactures


Guo Yu, Vice General Manager, Hunan Central South International Exhibition Co.,Ltd


Information Release


Content to be published Automobile Exhibition Data

Survey  Report   (The   report  will   be   distributed   to   the


participants of the conference on the site)
Publisher    Chen   Meng,   Editorial   Director,   China
International Conference and Exhibition Magazine
12:30-13:50Lunch & lunch break Function room
Joint Venture and M&A Forum
Forum theme: Exposing what is behind the combination
of strong enterprises
Moderator Zhou Jianliang,  Messe Bridge Capital
Keynote Speech
Speech Topic International Development in enterprise
merger and acquisition
13:30-14:30 Guest  speaker  : Wang  Mingliang,  General  Manager 103C
Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Dialogue Session
Dialogue themeFinding new footholds in making joint
Dialogue points :
1. What are the characteristics of the two world-class
M&A cases in the exhibition industry this year?
2. After  the  world  exhibition  industry  experienced a


period of merger and acquisition, where is the foothold of M & A in the future?


  1. What procedures should be paid attention to in the process of M&A?


  1. What is the main reason that can attract two companies into “marriage”?


  1. What is the difference of channels and methods of M&A in convention & exhibition industry compared with other industries?


dialogue guests


Zhang Ming, Vice President,  UBM Asia


Wei Wei, General Manager,  Informa Exhibitions Beijing


Co., Ltd

Donald S. Freeman, President,   Freeman

Gu Xuebin, President,  infosalons


Rummel, Managing Director,  Messe Munchen


Exclusive Matching Meeting with Machinery &
Automobile Exhibitions Federation Enter with
exhibitor or visitors badge only
This  matchmaking   fair   is   jointly   organized   by   the
Machinery  &  Automobile  Exhibitions  Federation  and
14:30-16:00 organizing committee of EPFIC. The exhibitions held by the 103B
41 members of the Federation are all the top professional
brand  exhibitions  in  equipment  manufacturing  field  in
China. This  matchmaking  fair  will  create  a  platform  for
exhibition service enterprises on the industry chain, having
conference  with  the  Federation  members,  to  enhance
communication and promote cooperation.
15:30-16:00Tea Break in the afternoon Preface rooms on
the first and
second floors
15:40-16:00 VIP  Room VIP  lounge  before  Golden  Five-Star VIP1-2
“Golden Five-Star” Exhibition Awarding
“Golden Five-Star Night” Gala Dinner
Unit 1“Golden Five-Star” Awarding Ceremony
Opening Speech
Zhao Wei, Founder EPFIC and President  Beijing New
Expo International Media
Zheng Zhi, Chairman  CCACE
16:00-20:00 Golden Five-Star Award session 1 Function room
2017“Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Cities
2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Industry
2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Organizers
2017-2018 Exhibition Industry Trends Release
PublisherChen Meng, Chief Editor,  China International
Convention and Exhibition Magazine
Golden Five-Star Award session 2
2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent MICE Venues
2017“Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Service


2017“Golden Five-Star” Emerging Venues


Keynote Speech


Speaker:Wan Tao, CEO of 31 Event


  • Golden Five-Star Award session 3


2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition  Outbound

Exhibition Agents

2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Service



2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Characters


Keynote Speech


Speaker:Li Xiahui, Chairman of Pan Pearl River Delta Exhibition Alliance and Director of GZCEIA


  • Golden Five-Star Award session 4


2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Management 2017 “Golden Five-Star” Excellent Exhibition Outbound Character


Unit 2


“Golden Five-Star night” communication dinner party Toasting Zhao Wei, Founder EPFIC and President

Beijing New Expo International




Meals interspersed with art performances and lucky draws


20:00            EPFIC 2018 concluded successfully!


Note: The above agenda will be updated over time, the organizing committee will publish on the official website and the organizer WeChat public platform. Stay tuned!