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HASBER Machine Unveils India’s First Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Plant at EXCON 2023

Revolutionizing Construction with 13 Patented Innovations and Sustainable Solutions

Bangalore, Karnataka, December 22: EXCON 2023 witnessed a notable achievement as HASBER Machine Pvt. Ltd. proudly introduced the first-ever Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Plant in India, marking a significant milestone at the largest Construction Equipment Exhibition in South Asia.

This groundbreaking innovation by HASBER Machine Pvt. Ltd. showcased 13 patented Mobile Concrete Plants, poised to revolutionize the construction industry. The unveiling ceremony at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre garnered attention from distinguished guests, including Prof. Ranaganathan J. from the Consulate of Myanmar in Chennai, Dr Asif Iqubal (Global President – Indian Economic Trade Organisation), Heikki Ranta (Finland Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea), and Zenga Chung (Diplomat – India Korea Business Center).

As a leader in innovative construction solutions, HASBER Machine Pvt. Ltd. received acclaim from over 10,000 visitors during the five-day event. Notably, the occasion saw the booking of 13 machines through orders, underscoring the immediate industry recognition of this pioneering technology.

HASBER Machine Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in setting new standards in the construction equipment industry. The introduction of India’s first Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Plant signifies a leap in cost-saving benefits, providing an efficient solution for construction projects. With thirteen patented technologies, HASBER Machine emerges as a beacon of innovation, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

The Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Plant by HASBER is approved by the Road Transport Office, meeting all regulatory standards for safe and legal operation. Designed with compactness in mind, the plant optimizes space utilization without compromising on performance. Equipped with GPS technology, it allows precise tracking and efficient fleet management.

Incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, HASBER Machine provides real-time monitoring and control for enhanced operational efficiency. The company adheres to eco-friendly practices, minimizing its environmental footprint.

The plant delivers an exceptional fresh concrete mix, meeting the highest quality standards in the industry and ensuring consistent quality in every batch for diverse construction needs.