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Hubertus von Monschaw – Global Director – CeBIT 2018

Hubertus von Monschaw, Global Director for CeBIT 2018 also the Global Director of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) & Digital Business at Deutsche Messe AG, based in Hannover met with Prachi Sharma of TFT and had a candid chat. He spoke in details about CeBIT 2018, D!talk, D!tech, D!conomy, D!campus & IT sector and Technology along with his open answers on many more questions. Check out more in this exclusive Q & A.”

TFT – CeBIT 2018 looks like an enterprising opportunity for the IT professionals and big companies. But what are your own expectations from the event?

HvM – We are expecting to create a global melting hub for IT professionals and generate business opportunities for exhibitors and for all participating companies by setting up CeBIT 2018.

TFT – Indeed a very big show and opportunity for the public sector and IT sector. Can you please elaborate a little more about d!talk, d!tech, d!campus, d!conomy and digitization for our readers?

HvM – Basically, we have under the umbrella four platforms called d!conomy, d!tech, d!talk and d!campus. The first two are addressing technologies on the software and hardware side and solutions which is the core topic for digitization and on top of that Disruptive Technologies and Start-Ups and then with d!talk we have the content side, everything we got in thought leadership and content that is going to take place and in addition to the traditional fair aspect we have in evening the festival we call d!campus through which we are giving the participants extra opportunity to do business in a more exciting, demonstrative and expressive atmosphere. So, this sets up the whole event, CeBIT 2018, which is going to be a festival of digitization and innovation.

TFT – CeBIT 2018 looks like a big opportunity. So, how many companies from all over the world are participating in this exhibition?

HvM – Around 3000 companies are participating and in total we are going to have 100,000 companies interacting within CeBIT. So, that’s what we are currently expecting.

TFT – When you do a large event at such an extent, many visitors are expected. How many visitors are you expecting?

HvM – Currently we are expecting around 200,000 visitors. This was our expectation from last year. So, the setup and goal we are aiming for is about the same level as last year and yes, this is what we would like to witness, the expected target of 200,000 visitors.

TFT – How do you think the IT or Technology companies are going to benefit from CeBIT 2018?

HvM – CeBIT gives the participating companies from both exhibitors and visitors side to interact together and look at digitization in the way it affects the economy, public sector and every individual. Even though digitization is taking place on an international level, it will still need a platform to interact and CeBIT is that platform, hence, it is the perfect meeting place for people to start businesses or do business together.

TFT – Could you also tell us about the speakers, the international speakers who’ll be talking and who’ll be having interactive sessions?

 HvM – We are going to have Thought Leaders from all over the world. We are currently getting at the point where they are getting more and more comfortable that we are going to launch the program. Just to give you one example, we have Jaron Lanier who is going to start on Monday. He’s one of the people who’s working and is a major drive after Microsoft Development Office and he’s going to give his insights on Digitization within CeBIT 2018.

TFT – Thank you! It was lovely talking to you and we wish you all the best for CeBIT 2018.