By Abul Fazal – Associate Editor 

The Hunan Auto Show 2020, opened on 30th April 2020 along with Changsha’s First Automobile Consumption Festival has broken records, successfully concluded at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 5 amid the worldwide COVID 19 Pandemic threats the show was the first to open during the Pandemic. A TFT Preliminary report.

Volkswagen booth at the Hunan Expo 2020

As the first large-scale indoor auto show this auto show also hit many new records. According to incomplete statistics, organisers shared with TFT that 62,380 visitors attended the auto show, and 23,910 vehicles were sold, with a sales amount of 5.268 billion yuan.

Visitors on the opening day of the show

The Event was the first public event in China post COVID 19 Pandemic broke out from Wuhan to the entire world. The whos attracted over Auto Brands. The show covered over 60,000 sqm of the gross area with more than 600 vehicles on display. One of the Chinese car makers Geely’s Regional Director, Yang Ping, said  “On average one in three visitors placed a new car order, with an overall transaction rate of 38%, the company’s highest ever.

The local government authorities had fully backed the organisers in helping the show to run in strict conditions of health and safety, with pre-show identity and health checks made online before registration.The local Government event offered attractive credit schemes and loans and incentives to boost purchases to be made on the show floor, over 30 million yuan worth of incentives for buyers were available as credit line from the local Government.

City Mayor and other guests the show

Zheng Jianxin, the Acting Mayor of Hunan Xiangjiang New District Party Committee ( Pictured), had officially opened the show on 30 April. 




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