L-R: Sandi Trotter, Priscilla Leong and Mariane Ewbank

The newly elected IELA Board of Management proudly confirms three women leaders in the exhibition logistics industry among its members:
Mariane Ewbank, former IELA Chairwoman 2016-2018, Priscilla Leong and Sandi Trotter, both new members elected for 2019-2021.

During the IELA 34th General Assembly, the IELA Membership re-elected three of its members and welcomed two new members, both women leaders in the exhibition logistics industry to join the IELA Board of Management 2019-2021. This comes in line with the launch in 2019 of the IELA Power UP programme which aims to empower women in leadership roles. As newly-elected members, their longstanding industry experience and visions are anticipated with enthusiasm as IELA steers its activities into the future. Excitement is in the air!

IELA BOM: Guido Fornelli, Feyzan Erel, Christoph Rauch, Jim Kelty, Sandi Trotter, Mariane Ewbank,
Emmanuel Pitchelu, Priscilla Leong, Vicki Bedi. IELA Committee: Markus Eichenberger, Ravinder Sethi and Greg Keh.
The members who have been re-elected for a two-year term:
  • Mariane Ewbank, Director of Fulstandig Shows e Eventos MC Ltda, Brazil
  • Jim Kelty, Airways Freight Corporation, USA
  • And Emmanuel Pitchelu, Director of E.S.I. Expo Services International, France


The members elected for the first time, also for a two-year term:
  • Priscilla Leong, Global COO & Finance of Agility Fairs & Events and concurrently the MD of
    Agility Fairs & Events Logistics, Singapore
  • And Sandi Trotter, Business Development Director of TWI Group Inc. (Canada)


The members of the BOM remaining for another year:
  • Vicki Bedi, Director of PS Bedi Group, India and IELA Chairman 2018-2020
  • Guido Fornelli, Managing Director of Expotrans S.p.A., Italy
  • Feyzan Erel, General Manager and CEO of Gruptrans International Co. Inc., Turkey
  • And Christoph Rauch, Managing Director of BTG Messe-Spedition GmbH, Germany

Vicki Bedi, IELA Chairman 2018-2020, explained “I am delighted to have Priscilla and Sandi join the IELA Board. Their being elected is a testimony of Women Leadership within IELA. Our ‘Power Up’ program launched earlier this year is focused on building and bringing out the hidden Women Leadership within IELA. I am proud that we have 3 women on IELA Board of 9 members.”

Elizabeth Niehaus, Executive Officer of IELA ”Now 33% of the Board is made up of women! We are experiencing Power Up in real time. We are extremely proud of our power trio on the Board”.
The 2019-2020 plan for action was discussed during the first BOM Meeting which took place in Venice on Friday, June 28th.

The IELA Committee
During the General Assembly, two new committee members were also elected:
  • Greg Keh, COO of TWI Group Inc., USA
  • Ravinder Sethi, Managing Director of R.E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd., India

Since the 2012 Barcelona edition, the Committee is composed of three members. Last year, Markus Eichenberger, from BTG Suisse Ltd., Switzerland, was re-elected and remains in the Committee.

The first meeting of the committee took place the same day of the elections and Ravinder Sethi was elected as Chairperson.

In the IELA structure, the Board of Management is responsible for everything from strategy to execution with the widest powers to perform all functions for its day-to-day management while the Committee has a limited role in internal control only.

Next Board of Management meeting

The next BOM Meeting will be in Marrakech, on October 13th – 14th, at IELA Connect 2019, boosting local awareness in the MENA countries.



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