IELA Board Member Christoph Rauch & IELA Executive Officer Elizabeth Niehaus had the opportunity yesterday to present IELA solutions regarding new resources and way-outs of difficulties with customs imports in emerging countries or specific difficult markets. The event was Expo & Event Marketing in Düsseldorf, the most important show worldwide on expo and event marketing, live communication and brand experience.

The session “No Exhibit, No Show” was organised on February 19th 2020 during EuroShop 2020 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany (February 16th -20th ).

Christoph Rauch developed on the advantages of working with IELA Members and answered key questions arising with shipments and logistics in worldwide event management. One major challenge is how to cut through the red tape: import procedures are getting stricter and common problems linked to customs procedures and a shortage of freight space become more and more relevant. Examples of the subjects tackled are:

  • How are you dealing with the challenge of delays due to the lack of capacity or increasing bureaucracy?
  • How do exhibition & event logistics professionals meet the special requirements that stand designers and exhibitors are facing?
  • How does digitization impact the way exhibits and stands finally reach the show destination?

Christoph Rauch presented two case studies on Russia and Africa. He highlighted for example that customs procedures in Russia are taken extremely seriously with high fines and taxes enforced for not abiding by the rules. In addition to this, the country has unique intellectual property protection laws that necessitate special import permits from manufacturers and copyright owners. When talking about exhibition logistics in Africa, in many countries there is huge bureaucracy within all Government bodies.  When working with Customs brokers in African countries it is always best to try and work with someone who you have some kind of previous dealing with, or someone who has been referred to you.  Working with an unknown broker can lead to many problems.  Many will use delaying tactics to extort money.  These could be supposed incorrect documentation. Many of the problems and delays at border crossings can be alleviated by making use of a known agent or an IELA member.

The presentation was concluded by presenting the new IELA Organiser & Exhibitor portals. Here you can find tips and tricks from experienced freight forwarders with practice-oriented solutions, as well as advice which help in preparing the transit of goods across borders.

About IELA:
The International Exhibition Logistics Association is the global industry network enhancing the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition & event industry. IELA works with venue owners, organisers and national associations educating, training and sharing expertise for safe and secure operations around the world. The quality brand IELA is currently represented by 173 members and 31 affiliates in 56 countries.


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