– Rajnikant Kedia, IFES World Summit Committee Chairperson.

TradeFairTimes had spoken to Mr. Rajnikant Kedia on this issue in October, where he had responded to the contentious issue. Excerpts of the interview follows in this Q & A:

TFT : What is your primary objective for organizing IFES World Summit 2014 in India?
Rajnikant Kedia : For the first time ever, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) World Summit will be held in Delhi, India. The 2014 summit will lay special focus on specific industry-related knowledge of the Indian market and implementing environmentally responsible practices. The conference will be held at the Le Meridien in New Delhi from 30th May to 1st June 2014 where members and participants will have the opportunity to interact with local and international key decision makers from the Exhibition Service Industry. The Exhibition and Trade Industry in India is expected to grow at CAGR 20-25% in the coming years. Exhibitions are an important tool in any industry for marketing, promotion and consumer interaction. Delhi, the national capital of India, is a gateway to the Indian market and offers a unique blend of business and culture. The city is among the most sought after destination for exhibitions for Indian as well as International corporations.

TFT : What is the theme for IFES World Summit 2014 in India?
Rajnikant Kedia : The Summit aims to take forward the IFES Mission to increase opportunities for networking and collaboration between national product and services suppliers within the exposition industry on an international level. It will also work as a forum to increase awareness of the specific issues pertaining to exposition-marketing professionals among the IFES members. IFES World Summit 2014 in Delhi is expected to provide members and participants with an energizing conference destination experience and some important insights into what for many will be a new and exciting part of the world

The focal point of the 2014 World Summit is to provide first-hand experience of the Indian Exhibition Industry. The goal is not only to understand the present but also the future aspects of the industry. New ideas and prospects can only be realized by mutual sharing of knowledge and technology; IFES 2014 will work collaboratively towards identifying and explaining the working of the dynamic Indian Market, its challenges and opportunities.

TFT : Who are the target audience, and how would they benefit from participating in the event? How many delegates do you expect?
Rajnikant Kedia : local and international key decision makers from the Exhibition Service Industry. Participants will walk away with knowledge about international trends and local implementation; and business contacts who increase the reach of the IFES network that helps members deliver their projects all over the world. We expect 125 participants.

TFT : How was the response in the last edition of IFES World Summit in South Africa?
Rajnikant Kedia : This was the first IFES conference to be held in Africa, and feedback from the 148 delegates representing over 30 countries was unanimous that it was a very successful event. The decision to bring the event to South Africa was based on the fact that the continent is currently demonstrating annual growth of 7-8%. IFES delegates saw what great capacity South Africa has for hosting world-class events.

TFT : What are the highlights of IFES World Summit 2014 in India?
Rajnikant Kedia : We have both great speakers in sustainability and design, Tom Bowman and Robin Drake, who will tell us about global trends; and local presentations about how these trends are implemented locally. This give delegates a full picture of how the future of the exhibition industry is being shaped. We also have great cultural flavours to the event including a bollywood night themed dinner and trip to the Taj Mahal.

TFT : How many foreign delegates are expected at IFES World Summit 2014?
Rajnikant Kedia : 100 foreign delegates are expected.

TFT : Who are the major sponsors of the event?
Rajnikant Kedia : Our platinum partners include JMT (Netherlands), Cort (USA), Swift and Insta (India).

TFT : How many members IFES has from India, do you expect the membership to grow?
Rajnikant Kedia : We expect to meet 10 potential company members at this event and another 10 through contacts derived at this event. IFES has a very specific high-level of quality standard for members, we aim to have the best companies of a market in our network.

TFT : What are your expectations for IFES World Summit 2014 in India?
Rajnikant Kedia : We aim to have participants share knowledge and share business. For IFES members traveling to India will walk away having been introduced to the indian market its capacities and be in a position to expand projects for their clients in India. For the local participants, we aim to share the international standards companies are looking for, share information about business opportunities.



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