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Inaction from the state police is the main cause of the collapse of this temporary Iron Structure – Pratap Banerjee

“TFT Correspondent, Adrija Dasgupta questions BJP State Vice President – Dr. Biswapriya Roy Chowdhury, BJP General Secretary – Pratap Banerjee and Mukul Roy over the temporary structure collapse at PM’s event venue in Midnapore.”

TFT : How did the tent collapse while P.M. was giving speech on stage?
PB : There are two reasons for this mismanagement. The first was incessant rain which slogged the ground. Secondly, inaction from the state police which was the main cause of the collapse of this temporary Iron Structure. The police, rather than helping at this time went on to Lathi Charge on our workers.

TFT : Who, according to you is responsible for this entire collapse?
PB : Prime responsibility lies with the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police, S.L.R for this incident. Since, India is a federal type of government, when the Prime Minister is to address any rally the administration of the state government has to be in action; however the same was very poor. The police administration is not up to the standard in Kolkata.

TFT : How many people were seated under the tent when the collapse happened?
BRC : Ten to twelve thousand people were sitting under the tent when the incident occurred. 71 people were reported as injured (Other sources counted as 90) out of which three people were seriously injured. The injured persons were taken to the local nursing homes and local hospitals for treatment. The P.M himself visited the hospitals where the injured were being treated. B.J.P Midnapore Local Unit repeatedly requested the district S.P to look into the injured people at hospital but he did not turn up.

TFT : Who was given the contract of the temporary constructs and the tent that collapsed?
BRC : The Venue construct setup was awarded to a Kolkata based JN Decorators who has been doing many such events for the BJP and even for Congress.

TFT : Was everything checked by your own team properly, as the ground was handed to SPG a week prior to the event?
MR : It is the responsibility of the state administration and the Bengal Police. “Where was the district police chief during the PM’s speech? Why didn’t he take calls from the PM’s SPG after the collapse?