July edition of TFT is in your grasp. The highly anticipated and hyped up GST is recently been impliemented and there has been blended industry reactions on this notable rollout.

While numerous industry owners are speaking all great about the GST part of SME and MSME sector is not content with the implementation. Indeed, even material textile industry in Surat has been agitating to the extend that the GST Council has called an emergency meeting to check whether there is any chance of amendment of the tax. MICE as a segment has been severely hit and a similar reason being the cover story dedicated to the story doing rounds.

TradeFair Times has taken a prompt action and is organizing 10 city Seminar on GST to comprehend, clear up and address the effect of GST on Exhibition and Event sector of India in July and August and invite the organizations to take part of these critical roundtables in their respective urban areas.

The content in this edition varies from giving an account of up-coming events to the Q and A of driving partners of the area.

There has been a decent surge of government bolstered or organised exhibitions in India on various topics,however, yet to see whether the same is a reason of joy for our segment or not.

Inside pages will give you more data on happeing in TradeShow Sector from around the globe.

Happy reading,

M Q Syed

Supervisor in Chief