The two leading shows have been brought together to amplify the perfect synergy between wine, beverages and food. The event will encompass both wine and spirits, and have an exhibit of around 20-30 international wine producers alongside Indian producers, culminating in a show floor with around 50 producers in total. The last edition of SIAL India witnessed 300+ exhibitors from 32 countries with 8,000+ trade visitors, making it the ideal networking & business platform for the food & beverage industry stakeholders. 

After the great success of SIAL 2019, SIAL India 2021 is ready to bring 400+ exhibitors with 40+ countries participation and 10,000 visitors under one roof making it a much bigger and successful exhibition.  


 “To be one of the top business brands dedicated to wine and spirits we need to open doors to new territories; and being a pioneer in India is an important step for Vinexposium. We believe India is the next big thing and I am very much thrilled by the prospects of launching Vinexpo India, it is an important milestone for the future.” 

Mr. Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO, Vinexposium 


“I am glad that SIAL & Vinexposium are joining forces in India. This partnership will enlarge our international footprint within India and better serve our communities. Having Food & Wine together will provide a larger offer to all the buyers.” 

Ms. Adeline Vancauwelaert, SIAL Paris, SIAL India & All4pack Event Director at Comexposium 


“This is the first time that SIAL is bringing Vinexposium’s live show format to the country. After the success of SIAL, we thought this was the right time to add a new layer to the show. After a year of uncertainty, we are excited to announce a leading new International Exhibition in India.” 

Mr. Rajan Sharma, MD Inter Ads Exhibitions Pvt Ltd


The show will host a programme of masterclasses and tastings for the public. Throughout the 3 days shows, there will also be the following interactive activities:

Live Cooking by renowned chefs – An exceptional program of culinary events: demonstrations, live cooking classes with renowned chefs! A feast for the eyes and for the taste buds, and a real source of inspiration! 

Hosted Buyer Meeting- Hosted buyers and exhibitors get access to the Hosted Buyer Introduction Suite. In this private space, our hosted buyers can meet with a selected batch of exhibitors that match their sourcing requirements. 

Conference – Each day of the exhibition, they have scheduled conference sessions running parallel to the exhibition. The topics for which are related to the food market trends presented by industry leaders and experts. 

Award shows- A curated Awards show would be organized for different verticals for the exhibitors. The winner would be marketing by SIAL India and Vinexpo India. 

Vinexpo Challenge – Vinexpo Challenge takes place at every Vinexpo event, in partnership with the International Sommelier Association (ASI). 

The principle is simple, playful and instructive: professional visitors from the wine and spirits industry try to identify the wines they are drinking (grape variety, country of production and vintage). A blind tasting led by the world’s Best Sommelier ASI! Paolo Basso, Jon Arvid et Marc Almert could share their expertise with the participants of the previous editions. 

The person with the highest score who identifies the largest number of wines receives an award from the Champagne partner in the event 

Vinexpo Academy – Vinexpo Academy is an amazing opportunity to benefit from internationally-renowned expertise and training in the wine and spirits industry. 

For the last 20 years, Vinexpo has worked alongside experts to organize, design and provide a comprehensive wine and spirits program at its shows, endorsed by the sector’s most respected organizations from around the world. 

The program is a unique opportunity to receive sound, impartial experience that companies and individuals can use to enhance their knowledge and expertise in their field and to explore new trends.


SIAL, the best world partner to support food business development and export! 

SIAL is World’s No.1 Food Innovation Network and made its debut in the international market in the year 1964 in Paris followed by China, Canada, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi and India, wherein 14,535 exhibitors from 109 countries have participated to grow their business. 

For over 50 years, SIAL has been inspiring food adventures. Today, SIAL is a global brand present in 50 countries all around the world with events in 7 countries. All over the globe our network represents a forum for exchange, meetings and discussions and is truly unique. In terms of visitor ship and impact, SIAL is the premier food innovation event. 

Introducing new trends, helping to launch products in new territories, solving diversity, quality and safety issues, these are our motives in an ever-growing market. 



Comexposium is one of the world’s leading event organizers. Globally, it hosts more than 132 B2B and B2B2C events across many different sectors, significantly in agriculture, construction, fashion, food, health, leisure, real estate, retail, security, students, tourism and works council. 

At events, in over 30 countries, Comexposium welcomes more than 3,5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors annually. Headquartered in France, Comexposium’s employees and sales network operating in 22 countries. 



Inter Ads is a leading and reputed organizer of international trade exhibitions and conferences in India, in partnership with global exhibition management companies, who are highly acclaimed for innovation and excellence in organizing exhibitions. 



Vinexposium merges Vinexpo (the international brand of wine and spirits events) and the wine portfolio of Comexposium (the world’s 3rd largest event’s organizer). The new entity, announced in January 2020, came into effect in August 2020, thereby becoming the world’s leading wine and spirits event’s organizer, hosting over 78,000 visitors from 140 countries and 5,900 exhibitors annually. 


For more information, please contact:

Sunakshi Soni



Jagriti Banswal




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