Sujata Shetty has been quite a famous name in the exhibition industry since the last decade and a half. Much has changed since then and she has now switched to being an exhibitor. Representing In time Fire Appliances Pvt. Ltd. She speaks about what can be done to improve fire safety and how to promote its importance and create awareness in an exhibition environment.”


TFT : How can a fire safety company like yours can help exhibitions?
SS : Fire Industry has been evolving with the new and advanced technologies and the exhibition organizers should notonly typically stick with Fire Extinguishers. There is a system which can be installed in the temporary or permanent exhibition venues which canautomatically douse the fire and save the day. There are a lot of advantages if the fire systems are upgraded with the latest technologies. There are multiple alarm systems set in the appliances (extinguishers) which raises an alarm in case of any incident or a fire breakout. It can help in alarming the people so they can evacuate in time.

TFT : What challenges a fire industry faces when it comes to serving an exhibition?
SS : The biggest challenge this industry is facing is that no one (industries/ companies) wants to accept or adopt the latest technologies. They are stuck with age old fire extinguishers. I believe it is because of the costs involved in installing these fire alarm systems. Basically, they forget that there is nothing costlier than the Human Life;hence, they end up compromising on thesafety. Because of such compromises, huge risks lurk around which can lead to untold disasters.

TFT : What important measures should be taken to safeguard an exhibition from fire?
SS : When organizing any exhibition or event, the first thing to be kept in mind is Human Safety, and the foremost thing to do is to install the latest in technology fire alarm systems & extinguishers. In this way, you ensure the safety of the people visiting the exhibition, by making it entirely fire-proof and safe.

TFT : How do you think the Exhibition Industry or participating in Exhibitions can help the Fire Industry? In which way can both industries help each other?
SS : One of the challenges, the fire industryfaces is promotion of the products and reaching out to rural areas. Exhibition organizers should also organize the event in small areas so that we can promote the brand and at the same time preach the importance of fire safety equipment’s. Also, in this way we can reach the end-user directly. Participating in any exhibition is expensive and the fire companies cannot afford to participate in every exhibition and/or reach out to many, so maybe a special pavilion can be created like a ‘Fire Safety Pavilion’ so that fire companies can participate and reach out to the end-user in a larger way.