MICE Conclave India maiden edition 2018 is scheduled for 24-25 May 2018, and will witness some of the biggest names from the Indian MICE market coming together under one-roof; providing an opportunity to interact and share the industry best practices; be a platform for collaborations and cross-partnerships within the industry and transact business; network and educate the MICE audience with insights on the Indian and global MICE industry and party hard as well.

MICE Conclave is an exclusive, invitation-only platform that brings together the biggest MICE buyers from India’s top corporations, production houses and premium event & wedding planners looking for new collaborations and business prospects. At MICE Conclave, you will meet pre-qualified buyers calibrated on their forecast requirements, spending budget and business bandwidth. Backed superlative keynotes and panel discussions designed specifically to educate the buyers evaluate and finalize their growing MICE requirements, this Conclave is designed to foster an organic discussion and affiliation between the buyers and solution providers. The first edition of MICE Conclave is slated to be hosted by Mumbai, India on May 24th- 25th. With the growing outbound travel, this opportunity will enable the global travel and hospitality operatives to tap into conducive Indian MICE market, where the buyers are seeking for viable solutions to aid their MICE requirements.

The conclave is expected to host more than 250 buyers with a combined spending budget exceeding 450 Million USD. Over the course of two days, we intend to accomplish 1200 personalized business meetings between the buyers and the solution providers in a business-conducive environment. Apart from the business scope in an offering, the conclave also sheds light at some critical facets of the MICE industry driving the growth. Some of the focal points are: ‘Transferring a tourism destination to a business tourism destination’; ‘The MICE effects for hotels, F&B and airlines’; ‘Digital transformation of MICE’; ‘Building ROI by cultivating brand ambassadors’; ‘Maximizing your impact: event tech to enhance ROI’; ‘Strategies for creating market-leading events’. Distinguished speakers from a diverse set of companies, fostering the MICE growth of the country will be addressing the above-mentioned topics at the conclave. Anticipating a holistic growth, we intend to cater to the rising demands of the Indian MICE market and nurture new business collaborations from a global and domestic stance.