“Other visitors compared to manufacturers are less, but it does not entail that other industry people are not here, ” said  Rasheed, project manager in masses Frankfurt India during the Delhi LED Expo in pragti Maidan, to the TFT’s Delhi correspondent Neetu Nigam. During that meeting he talked around the challenges in LED industry, Demonetisation and many other things which you can explore in the interview.

TFT : Can you shed some light on LED expo 2016.
Rasheed : LED expo 2016 is a platform to launch new products. LED is the thing which does not spring up year by year, it’s developed day by day. Every day is an ‘innovation day’ in LED world. So industry people are always quick to launch their products and LED expo is a platform for all those manufacturers who want to show their products.
As the industry grows day by day,The expo also grows year by year. This time there are two hundred and seventeen companies along with participants from ten nations (China, Japan, UK, USA, UK, Dubai, Taiwan, Germany.)
As far as visitors are concerned , footfall is great. Different industry People are arriving here. Even exhibitors are very happy with the footfall. I can assure, in spite of Demonetisation, number of visitors have touched the last year’s footfall.

TFT : he exhibition is nearly packed now. Can you present a rough idea on the number of visitors?
Rasheed : At present I don’t know the exact figure of the turn of the visitors, but last year we welcomed about sixteen thousand visitors. This year also we welcome the same figure of the visitors.

TFT : What about the visitors profile?
Rasheed : The exhibition is visited by designers and manufacturers. Government officers were likewise there, mostly from railways. Yesterday, the exposition was visited by the general manager of the railway.

TFT : Exhibitors are complaining that most of the visitors are from manufacturer world. They are coming to sell their merchandise.
Rasheed : other visitors compared to manufacturers are less, but it does not entail that other industry people are not there.

TFT : China is the hub of the LED market. Where does India stand on this? Are we capable to make a competition with the cosmos ?
Rasheed : yes, India is very much capable to compete with the cosmos . India is executing a lot of experiments in this industry. Even our prime minister and ministers are making and launching lots of dodge for the betterments of the industry.
Merely it is quite difficult and controversial to tell the specific time period that by when we will be able to beat China.

TFT : What about price factor? Are we able to provide cheaper LED lights?
Rasheed : Yes price is a big factor and industry people met with the government many times to decrease the prices of LED illuminations. Manufacturing is costly, thus it is not possible to bring down the cost . The Manufacturing industry is doing experiments on it and it’s possible that the monetary value will come down in the near future like the CFL. At one time that was also very costly, but instantly it has reached to everyone.
This industry will definitely arise. As of now people think before they buy LED because it is double or treble in price of a CFL. The sum they pay fir 01 LED can be used in purchasing 2-3 CFLs. At domestic level once the cost comes down, the market will grow up and for that government should support us. The Government will give some subsidy to the industry people and for all this ALCOMA will keep talking with the ministry and PM.

TFT : How much backing are you (LED industry) getting from the regime? What have you and the association recommended to the regime?
Rasheed :We are getting import facility in LED Chip’s . Government has provided the market to us. The electricity problem in the rural areas has been sorted out with The help of Government only. They are putting maximum LED lights on the Street. Then, due to the government support industry people will grow a big market. Right now industry people are engaged in catering that market. Because of Modi’s ‘HAR GHAR ME LIGHT’ slogan, demand will increase much in the marketplace.

TFT : The Government is providing a vast market to the LED industry, but what about Indian condition? Maximum fields are in the darkness. There is no power. In that case how will you put your lights in that arena ?
Rasheed :After the use of LED, power cut will decrease as the habit of power will decrease. It means the power cut problem will be resolved. It will consume time, but will be solved definitely.
In spite of that we are also asking for the subsidy and relaxation in excise duty.

TFT : How do you take the government’s decision on demonetisation?
Rasheed : The LED industry is even discussing that if it’s good or not. But the fact is that, the most of the work in the industry used to happen in the cash, due to that the market is sustaining in the absence of physical currency. Even labor used to receive their earnings in cash. So this industry has been affected after this decision.

TFT : What’s your opinion, has the government taken the right decision or not?
Rasheed : Decision is good but government needs some home work. If they had enforced it with proper planing then it could have been more effective. The decision is good, but they gave out on planes side. I can say “government has cast the cart before the horse.” We are merely hoping that there will be shorter queues in front of banks in the coming days. Let see what happens next.

TFT : What do you recall about the government’s cashless idea?
Rasheed :It is quite difficult in India. It is not possible to achieve in shorter time. It will just take some more time. It is a sound concept, but involves lots of planning. Everybody does not have mobile in India, hence cashless transaction is not an easy undertaking. It is a sound idea but needs time to get implemented properly.

TFT : Let’s come to your next edition of LED expo 2017 which will be happen in Mumbai in May 2017. Anything big to be expected?
Rasheed : that will also be the same, but there we will grown too. Here we are in 32 thousand square meters, there we will be in more than 40 thousand square meters. Till now we sold approximately 25 percent. In Mumbai we will perform technical and active seminar as well. Here we missed this because of the number of days, but in Mumbai we are bringing up all this.

TFT : How many country partners are to be expected?
Rasheed :There, we have pavilions not partners. We deliver five to six overseas pavilions as of now. Here we have country wise stalled and in that location we will have pavilions.

TFT : If overseas companies get majority space in any expo, do you think it will affect India’s manufacturers’ business?
Rasheed : No, no, everyone delivers a different market. Nobody is overtaking other’s business. Even it is respectable for the industry because they will understand other’s technology too. Exhibitors exchange the ideas.