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NESCO Mumbai resumes Exhibitions. Ten Points on getting back Hall 1 and Grande from BMC

10 Points Summary 3rd Aug 2021 1-CIEO Delegation meets with State Industry Minister Shri Subhash Desai on 3rd August 2021.

4th Aug 2021

2-Industry Minister takes dig into the matter. Schedules CIEO meeting with Municipal Commissioner Shri Iqbal Chahl for 4th August. 3-CIEO delegation meets with Municipal Commissioner who assures delegation for early decision.

5th Aug – 30th Sep 2021

4-Industry Minister pushes BMC to get Hall 1 and Grande at NESCO for the Exhibitions.

18th Oct 2021

5-Grande Hall gets cleared on 18th October. BMC Hospital Dean writes to Industry Minister on the accessibility of Grande (Letter appended) on 28th October.

10th Nov 2021

6-CIEO again schedules meeting with Industry Minister on 10th November 15, 2021 to get Hall 1 cleared. Rajesh Bhagat, Steering Committee Member meet with the Industry Minister. Ms Sonia Prashar, IEIA President also shows up in the meeting on the invitation of Manish Gandhi of ABEC.

7-Industry Minister assures the immediate measures. Calls Municipal Commissioner for immediate help.

8-Manish Gandhi and Ms Sonia Prashar, meet with Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahl, and come back elated with declaration of accessibility of Hall 1 and Grande.

13th Nov 2021

9-Hoble Industry Minister Calls M Q Syed; shares the turns of events. Likewise shares the letter addressend to him by Dr. Neelam Andrade, BMC Hospital Dean at NESCO on the accessibility of Grande Hall from 18th October.

10-Hoble Industry Minister likewise assures CIEO to get the remainder of the halls available ASAP and commits to visit few of the exhibitions at NESCO. Encouraged with the positive response from the State Government;Exhibition Industry is anticipating opening of the remainder of the Halls at NESCO and undeniable return of F2F Exhibitions in Maharashtra. CIEO Steering committee thanks everyone for their respective efforts to work for the cause of the return of the exhibitions at NESCO Mumbai

CIEO Delegation with State Industry Minister (L-R) Anurag Dhoot,Raj Kapoor Singh,Rajesh Bhagat, Manish Gandhi,Ghazanfar Ibrahim,Ganesh Parkar
CIEO Delegation with Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahl (L-R) Raj Kapoor Singh,Anurag Dhoot,Ghazanfar Ibrahim, Rajesh Bhagat, Manish Gandhi, representative of State Industry Minister
Letter of availability of Grande Hall issued to Industry minister by BMC Hospital Dean at NESCO









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