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How many exhibitors are present at this edition ?

There are 160 exhibitors present here. We are expecting almost double by next year.

How many domestic and international participants exhibiting in the show?

We have over 40 percent exhibitors from overseas participant rest of them are domestic.

What according to you is future of this industry?

It has a tremendous future because Power demand is increasing and renewable is also picking up. As markets and economy are growing, power consumption is also increasing it’s demand.

Is the concerned ministry supporting the event?

We have support from the ministry of renewable energy & ministry of power. Last year, Piyush Goyal, the energy minister had inaugurated the show, although, this year he was unable to come; we hope, that we will continue getting government support.

How do you think that both the government and the industry can solve the power shortage problems in India?

Government is taking many steps to improve the power supply. They have introduced the scheme called UJWALA which finances the old power plants or projects.

Did you confront any problem due to ITPO renovation work?

ITPO is doing very respectable work. I’m sure within three to four years we will consider it not only India’s but Asia’s best exhibition venue which will attract lots of exhibitions. Because infrastructure is a life line to attract exhibitions to India.

Pragati Maidan has a lot of Hotels around, do you feel ITPO needs to establish a new hotel?

Yes, unquestionably. It will help and this is a good step taken by ITPO. Because not just visitors, but even exhibitors and organizers are coming from the different states and countries. It will be easy commuting to the venue as they will save time.

There are some organizers who are saying a new hotel at ITPO is a waste ofmoney because we already have so many of them around the venue?

This could be an individual assessment, However, accommodation near the venue will be helpful and shall create a good business prospective.