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New Delhi’s The World Book Fair Concludes

Less publisher, more visitors, disappointed books lovers

New Delhi’s The World Book Fair Concludes Successfully. “A great number of book lovers visited the Fair”. “The show is successful”, “footfall is outstanding”, these are somedialogues every organize says. The same was said by NBT which was true, to some extent.
The huge crowd consisted less of those for whom the fair was mainly organised, parents with their children and Women seemed to be full of enthusiasm and happiness. Some were holding bags of their favorite books, most of the visitors seemed like they hadonly come to see cultural activities, VIP visitors & books. Those desperately waiting for the book fair said ” The books I draw here, I could get outside too. Then why should we purchase from here?” Mr. Rakesh Saxena who is an assistant professor in DU said “There are only national writer’s books. I’m Indian and I can receive these books easily from the market in the same price. But yes, I find the information about the books from the fair, which is not possible from google or any other place.”
Sarita said ” I used to come here to buy international writers’ books. Only this year the International pavilions have nothing. Less countries with very limited collections. I didn’t take anything this year”
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