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“No other International Show has the Size like glasstec” – Birgit Horn

Birgit Horn, Director of glasstec, talks with TFT in an exclusive one on oneduring the launch of 25th anniversary of glasstec 2018 and had a candid chat. Together they discuss and talk aboutthe 25thedition of glasstec and the new technologies and products the glass world will have to offer.

TFT : It was a wonderful presentation on the 25th anniversary of glasstec. Can you elaborate more onthe upcoming edition of glasstec?

BH : There is no other international show that has the size like glasstec. Hence, we are expecting  more than 1,200 companies from all over the world and they will meet up to 40,000 or more visitors. So, if you’re interested in glass or doing business with glass, you have to come to the show.

TFT : What are the expectations the visitors and exhibitors can have from this event?

BH : With the boom in glass industry that we’re seeing now, it’s all about supplying the right product and meeting the right people at the best time. So, it’s not about just being in the market but to supply the right product as well. As I said in the presentation, it’s about new functions of the glass – Smart Glass, Switch of a glass, new functionalities that might be introduced in Architecture or as well in the Hollow Glass Market. So, there are different fields in the glass industry that will bringforth all new products.

TFT : During your presentation you spoke about laser glass technology, can you elaborate on that?

BH : Glasstec showcases the latest technologies. Everybody is aiming to show what is currently present in the market and also looking at giving an outlook for the future. Laser, is one of the key products-processes currently in the market because of its almost unlimited possibilities for glass processing in any way or form. Starting with something simple, for marking the glass for product and process tracing within the production process, up to the complete processing of glass independently from all or any conventional process, so I would say, Laser is going to be one of the key points of this glasstec exhibition.

TFT : You spoke about ‘Smart Glass’ and other glasses and informed that lots of new products will be launched. How will they be beneficial for the stake holders?

BH : Visitors will really learn how to do business in the next two years, what they need to supply and I think as well, the exhibitors will give the information on how the IoT (Internet of Things) will change doing business and which technologies and products are available in the market and are on demand.