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One Mega Event ends on a high note

[dropcap]One Mega Event[/dropcap] emerged as the referential event to support the development of smart cities across the country.

[dropcap]One[/dropcap] Mega Event concluded after three busy days of collaborating, networking and sharing best practices. The  interactive conference and expo succeeded in establishing meaningful connections between key players from the worlds of commerce, politics and research and development to outline urban reality. The event showcased real-world innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology and proven strategies that India needs to build more livable, workable and sustainable cities.

Smart Village Conclave

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring the session, Smart Village Conclave: Bridging the Gap between Rural and Urban, Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament, was explicit about the social problems prevalent in villages. “Orthodox practices in villages lead to gender separation. While males are meant for productive activities, females are confined to homely work. Such social norms need to be addressed to bring about positive change. The society should take the initiative.”

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]alking about the National Rurban Mission(NRuM), Ms. Vineeta  Hariharan, Head, National Rurban Mission, Ministry of Rural Development, said, “NRuM is the first mission of its kind which initiated cluster development in rural India. The aim of this programme is to develop villages which have a potential to grow. The desirable components of a rurban cluster are solid waste treatment, fully equipped mobile health units, etc. The funds for this mission are collected through partnerships between state government, public and private organizations. The mission’s goal is to develop 300 rurban clusters, which will be open defecation- free (ODF), and equipped with all basic amenities.”

[dropcap]CEO[/dropcap] Ajay Pandey of Sehgal Foundation, said, “We intend to develop villages to an extent that they act as an inspiration for urban areas. This can be done by making water available in schools and by initiating water harvesting programmes in villages.”

Smart Cities India Awards 2017

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he second Smart Cities India Awards 2017 were presented to individuals, policy makers, companies, government bodies and associations who have contributed the most to the Smart Cities Mission. Around two hundred entries were received at the second edition of the awards with 12 winners under 10 categories. The three Jury Excellence Awards were awarded to Sterlite Technologies, Larsen & Toubro Ltd and Surat Municipal Corporation.

Overwhelming Response

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ore than 15,000 visitors thronged the various innovative booths set up by leading global players such as Oracle, Hitachi, Ericsson, among othersExhibitors were overwhelmed by the footfall countand the business opportunities One Mega Event provided.

[dropcap]An[/dropcap] Oracle spokesperson said, “It is a well organized event with high quality arrangements.  We tapped a lot of opportunities for exposure, and met with customers and partners. There was keen interest in our solutions, and we got plenty of opportunities to identify new partners. The conferences were interesting and stimulating. We found the platform full of possibilities, exposure, and business development opportunities.”

“We are pleased to be a sponsor and participant in the Smart City India 2017 Expo. The show has given us opportunities to further our conversations and relationships with industry partners and potential customers, as we seek to deliver on Hitachi’s mission of social innovation through intelligent IoT solutions and infrastructure that help Indian cities become safer, more efficient, and thriving places for people to live and work,” said Mr Justin Bean, Director of Smart City Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Insight Group.

“It is an excellent platform. The response from channel partners, distributors and direct customers was overwhelming. We thank the organisers for curating such a powerful platform that allows Taiwanese companies to showcase its products and solutions to the right set of target audience (both in public and private companies),” said a spokesperson from Taiwan Excellence.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]overnment and business delegations from the European Union, France, Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Ontario (Canada) also attended the mega event.

“There was extensive participation from officials representing Indian cities, and next year, we expect to engage with even more national and international, industry leaders, state and local government officials, decision makers, financiers, technologists, trade groups, academics, researchers and non-profit and social organizations,” said Mr Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group.