Sameer Patel : Well as promise to you give you solutions we give you answer to the questions that you already have, well if you’ve missed and if we have missed any questions you got still eight roundtables that are yet gonna happen in the country, so send us your questions through emails through whatsapp to the links which is mentioned below the video and we’ll be happy to answer that for you in the next roundtable but let’s now first talk to Anamika mam from Buddha events you’ve attended this GST roundtable today give us your feedback on it.

Anamika Dialani: Firstly congratulations very well organised and very much on time for a change and everything done well, When I came in here I was way much more confused I can’t say I’m 100 percent clear, It’ll take a few more rounds to do that, But I must say a lot of the confusion about this industry about where we do our events, Being Bombay (Mumbai) based we are not Bombay (Mumbai) based only we do events everywhere so there’s a lot more clarity and I’m sure it’s only gonna get better with few more rounds thank you so much.

Sameer Patel : Thank you for those wonderful and kind words, Trade fair TV now is the only channel in the country running 24/7 online on exhibition and trade fairs promoting the right content recovering exhibitions what’s your take on trade fair TV?

Anamika Dialani: we have watched it but I’m sure it’s a fantastic take and all the best to you.