There is nothing more satisfying than getting recognized for all of your efforts in front of your peers from different organisations. Recognition’s received by organisations are for its ability to adapt the constantly evolving innovative norms. Such recognition’s for organisations brings in double delight – one for the organisation itself as winning one only emphasizes that they have taken correct steps in the right direction and also positions itself as an enterprise that’s always at the threshold of future growth. It’s not only the organisation that gets all cheers, the people on the project also get rewarded for their explicit role in staging a successfully chalked out plan. The delight of the ‘people’ on the project forms the grounds for the second part of the delight.

That’s the precise reason why we see so many awards and recognition programs across various functions in different industries all around the world. Most reputed amongst them are those that are felicitated by industry associations and media houses – both being neutral bodies. Associations are much more attractive because of participation from senior industry professionals as adjudicators of the categories and the selection process. Furthermore, the status of being a non-profit organisation adds to the credibility. I have been pre-dominantly associated with Information Technology industry and it’s easier for me to talk on how awards for technology implementation from associations have always been regarded as ‘THE RECOGNITION’ to be received. Amidst a clutter of year-on-year awards in India, ‘CSI Excellence in IT Awards’ stands out and we have seen how technology teams in the enterprise burns mid-night oil to ensure that their nominations is well structured and its increase the probability of being selected by the esteemed jury comprising. The jury for the awards comprises of Academicians and Technology leaders from the industry. The next edition for awards has been already announced and as I understand, the nominations are fast trickling in. By the time the nominations close by end of December 2014, the number of entries for various industry categories would surely be a massive chunk which may well mean loads of work for Deloitte who in the capacity of ‘Strategic Process Validator’ would scrutinise each of these papers before arriving at a shortlisted list of nominees. More information is available on

Technology companies offering solutions to the Indian enterprise would do well to associate with such awards program in order to get the best mileage from the reach, visibility & one-on-one networking opportunities presented. I would be interested to hear about your opinion on how a recognition bestowed on you or your organisation have changed things for you.

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