Dear Readers,

The September edition of TFT is in your hand. Whie the GST is not willing to stop to confuse the businesses of India. TFT Round table has traveled to three cities by now and the deliberations are yet to stop. The Q and A , off and on the camera are going back and forth with little to achieve in terms of clarity. Each passing day post GST implementation is offering something to learn and thought of. The most important question being
asked by those organisers with foreign participation is addressed herewith post the TFT Round Table in Chandigarh

“Exporters will need exhibition participation letter and no foreign exchange involved letter from the concerned bank for the purpose of exchange control requirements. At the time of re-import, identity of goods imported with export goods needs to be established to seek exemption from import duty in accordance with
Customs provisions. IGST will be exempted at the time of re-import in view of exemptions granted under Customs”.

The September edition of TFT has more of news than the regular Q and A’s and post event reports.

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M Q Syed Editor-In-Chief