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Solar Power Dominates at RE+ 2022

RE+ 2022, formerly known as Solar Power International, recently concluded the largest and most intensive event for the clean energy industry. Over 650 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors were in attendance. The exhibit was mounted through a collaboration between the Solar Energy Industries Association and Smart Electric Power Alliance to support public and private solar and storage companies.

While the expo has expanded to other types of renewable energy, solar power was still the most prominent. Evidently, it remains at the forefront among all other renewable energy technology. Hoymiles demonstrates how this is in part due to solar energy’s equitability. Solar panels allow users to generate their own electricity. In doing so, less is needed from utility suppliers. Thereby, users can increase their energy self-reliance and reduce their electricity bills. All those considered, notable companies participating in RE+ 2022 proudly introduced their own solar energy offerings.

Notably, Talesun Solar, a PV manufacturing company, unveiled three solar power modules from their BIPRO and BISTAR series. These modules showed several advantages including customization, high efficiency and power, and a reduced balance of system costs. These offerings are bolstered by high-efficiency bifacial PERC solar cells (which enable panels to produce energy from both sides) and a durable double-glass structure, leading to an increase in the power generation. The three modules can substantially reduce power generation costs — this ability drew in various customers, exhibitors, and investors to Talesun Solar’s booth.

Similarly, a large crowd was present in front of Hithium’s stall. The firm specializes in the development, production, and sales of LFP (lithium ferro-phosphate) energy storage batteries and systems. At the RE+ 2022, Hithium displayed its wide range of energy storage battery offerings. Two game-changing batteries were in the line-up, including the 300Ah prismatic cell and the 46mm cylindrical cell. Whereas the prismatic cell is best for electric energy storage, the cylindrical cell is tailored for residential energy storage. In fact, Hithium claimed the 46mm cylindrical cells can adeptly deliver on cost, cycle life, energy efficiency, and safety. However, an issue that stands in the way of further technological breakthroughs is the lack of raw material supplies. As it is, Hithium is aware of the rising lithium and cobalt prices. Manufacturing, then, may not currently meet the growing demand for cost-efficient energy storage.

Beyond the RE+ 2022, Elecrama 2020 also opened up investment opportunities for renewable energy companies such as Hithium. During the three-day exhibit, there were many business negotiations and capital transactions, and efforts were made to establish and deepen partnerships among the leading producers of solar and storage. Jesse Pichel, who co-hosted the symposium, stated that there’s a strong setup for the growth cycle in solar. And with the existence and recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, now is certainly an exciting time to be in solar. Numerous solar investments will hone in on supply chain and availability.

Much is expected in terms of accessible clean energy usage. And right now, as the RE+2022 and Elecrama 2020 indicate, there is a robust foundation for solar power to serve both domestic and international markets.

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Written by Aliyah Kaye Carr

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