Unlock 5 guidelines
By : M Q Syed,Editor-TFT

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the B2B, B2C Exhibitions, Cultural and Live Events and MICE Industry as a whole in India.

Taking into consideration, suggestions received from various stakeholders in the Exhibitions, Events and Creative industry, respective central Ministries have issued  detailed SOPs on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19. 

However, these activities are slowly being allowed to resume post Unlock 5.0 Guidelines issued by Central Government. In order to encourage stakeholders of events of all sorts, Government has laid down comprehensive guidelines for resumption of these activities. Relevant portion of these guidelines with respect to B2B Events and Cultural Events is reproduced below.

B2B Exhibitions: The government of India has issued new guidelines under the Unlock 5.0, allowing Business to Business (B2B) exhibitions, Cultural/Live Events, Social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political functions as well as other congregations to resume with effect from 15th October 2020.

Cultural & other Events ( Other than B2B Events): Such gatherings may be permitted, outside Containment Zones, by State/UT governments after 15th October, 2020 only and subjected to the following conditions:

For the events other than B2B Exhibitions and Conferences in closed spaces, a maximum of 50% of the hall capacity will be allowed, with a ceiling of 200 persons. Wearing of face masks, maintaining social distancing, provision for thermal scanning and use of hand wash or sanitizer will be mandatory. In open spaces, keeping the size of the space/ground in view, and with strict observance of social distancing, mandatory wearing of face masks, provision for thermal scanning and hand wash or sanitizer.

SOP’s for B2B Events can be found here.

SOP’s for Other Events can be found here.

These guidelines contain Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by the all stake holders of B2B and Cultural Events including and not limited to Venues, Organisers, Exhibitors, Visitors, Artists & Crew, Management of Green Rooms, Stage management, Costume and make up trials, Sanitization of venue including stage, Open area seating etc.Management Agencies of theatres and performance spaces, as well as the Entertainment/Creative Agencies, Artists and Crew or any other persons who hire the Event Venues, open/closed Performance Spaces, whether on payment or gratis. Comprehensive guidelines have been issued for It is clarified that cultural activities shall continue to be prohibited inside containment zones. Further, State/UT Govts may consider proposing additional measures as per their field assessment.

These guidelines shall come into effect immediately, and shall continue to be in effect until further orders.



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