Geeta Bisht, Director of International Sales –
Hannover Milano Fairs India Pvt. Ltd. met with Prachi Sharma of TFT at the Press Conference for CeBIT 2018 and had a candid chat. Together they discussed the impact of CeBIT on IT professionals and the future of this industry. Check out in this exclusive interview.

TFT : What are your expectations from this event?
GB : We are expecting a good number of exhibitors to participate in CeBIT 2018. CeBIT has changed now as we have lots of programs and events for young people so, we expect more young people to join us and visit CeBIT 2018. We want to attract the young generation to CeBIT 2018.

TFT : How many countries are participating in CeBIT 2018?
GB : We have exhibitors coming from 90 countries and we have visitors coming from 110 countries. So, that’s how it’s going to be and we would have approximately 3500 exhibitors who will be participating in CeBIT 2018.

TFT : How do you think IT professionals will benefit from this show?
GB : When we talk about the IT professionals, we have a lot of CIO’s and CXO’s coming from the Automobile sector and Health Care sector. So, these are the sectors where we have visitors from. We also have the government support from Deutsche Messe (a semi-government organization),also, a very good political hold and that’s how the IT
professionals will be benefitted from.

TFT : How do you think the future of this Industry is going to be with CeBIT 2018?
GB : When we talk about the future, itis start-up at this moment because they are the ones who will be growing in terms of their technologies, they are coming up with many innovative products and that’s how we see it, when we have more start-ups, the digitalization would grow drastically. TFT – Thank you! It was lovely interacting with you
and we wish you all the best for CeBIT 2018.