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“TFT investigates amid 56th India International Garment Fair (IIGF) at Pragati Maidan New Delhi. As to how IIGF is similar to PM’s startup and more” -Lalit Thukral

Neetu Nigam TFT Delhi Correspondent spoke to Lalit Thukral, Vice Chairman-IIGF about 56th India International Garment Fair, here are some excerpts from the interview

TFT: What is IIGF , if you can please shed some light on the show ?
Lalit:- IIGF is an event which provides garment exporters and importers a platform to communicate with each other on one stage to correspond with one another. By and large a purchaser can visit just about 6-7 exporter’s factories in a couple of days, however,because of this stage, with in 2-3 days, purchasers can meet more than 500 exporters and after that they can choose which is the best among those concerning their necessities. At the as same time tenderfoots can comprehend what precisely International purchasers need. I can say this is the best stage for both buyers and sellers. E-business will never be able to takeover exhibition business, on in light of the fact that both have their own targeted purchasers

TFT: This is the 56th IIGF, how this event had begun?
Lalit:– In the starting, few of clothing exporters used to organize these events Later government took us under the one rooftop and ABC began to
support us.

TFT: What number of exhibitors IIGF is displaying this year ?
Lalit:– There are around 325 in numbers which is less as contrast with last event. We organize this event twice in a year, one with summer accumulation (June – July) and second with winter gathering (December – January). In piece of clothing industry, We (Indians) are great in summer and spring season since we produce cotton on a vast level. However, for winter we are not the first choice for foreign purchasers. That is
the reason that in winters the participation is less as contrast with summer.

TFT: Some of article of clothing exporters begin their business on the web. Do you feel it will further diminish the event ?
Lalit:– E-business will never be able to takeover exhibition business, on in light of the fact that both have their own targeted purchasers. By and
large a working young lady can purchase formal dress online yet in the event that someone needs something else and alluring then internet shopping
is not a decent choice. Since for one dress you need to visit numerous destinations and still, at the end of the day its exceptionally hard to get
what you precisely need. In any case, in the event that you know any boutique, which is known for a specific dress, then you can go there and
pick your decision. Both have distinctive markets and shoppers. No one is overwhelming anyone’s business.

TFT: What are the IIGF’s big accomplishments?
Lalit:– All the enormous article of clothing exporters of India began their profession from here. You pick any main ten major pieces of clothing exporters in the business sector; you will find that they arrive in light of this stage. Like Richa and Company, Sha Exporters, Gokuldas and numerous more had begun their professions structure here. Presently they needn’t bother with this stage since this event is for small scale
industrialists. Business of numerous exporters got new life who were practically on an end some time recently because of IIGF.

TFT: What are the major challenges faced by IIGF to organsie such an event ?
Lalit:– Frankly talking, now their is no faced challenges for IIGF. Since in Asia, for clothing purchasers, no other event is superior to IIGF . In
the event that purchasers come to purchase an item worth of 2 dollars at some point they pick of 6 dollar value articles. Numerous new planners
register themself for event consistently. it’s a proof that we are doing great.

TFT: What amount of bolster you are getting from the Government? Do you feel you require more backing?
Lalit:– Our present Government supports business and growth. They need each exporters to do their business valiantly. Government’s new startup is better than average for the individuals who need to begin their own particular business. This strategy is just for amateurs and not for old set up enormous businesspersons. On the off chance that any old industrialist is profiting point of preference of this strategy for his child and girl,
then it is absolutely out of line. What government began now for fledglings, we have been doing it for piece of clothing exporters since long time back. I can say that our IIGF gives startup like Modi Ji’s startup.

TFT: Undoubtedly IIGF is doing its work but how effective is it’s end result?
Lalit:– IIGF is the stage which give network. May be amid the event a portion of the designers don’t procure all the more yet because of IIGF’s
availability they do great business in a complete year. I joined this stage when they were organising the 28th edition. From that day till today I
never went to any other other event. I met with accomplishment because of this stage. Because of this stage entire year small exporters get 6-7
crore rupees business few are doing 20-30 crore and some enormous exporters get 100-150 crore business as well. They not only get complete
business in the event, but rather because of reasonable network they make it by and large in a year.

TFT: What number of importers came in this year’s IIGF ?
Lalit:– There were around 3 thousands. Each exporter got least two buyers which is great. In July we will be organizing a major event as contrast
with present event We are expecting more than 5 thousand buyers around then.

TFT: Do you feel you are deficient in promotion and marketing of IIGF ? don’t you think more is required to be done to promote the show for a
wider range of buyers’ participation ?
Lalit:– Yes you are correct , even the office beraers feel the same and that is the reason this time we have begun our advancement for next show before completion of this event. Each year we learn new things. For the current year we learnt this lesson. I am certain IIGF will break every
single past record up the following season.