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“The Industry Needs To Meet Challenges Head On”

– Mr. S. Jafar Naqvi, is Chief Coordinator & Chief Editor, Media Today Group and would be on the Panel that would be discussing Standards and Codes for Indian Exhibition Industry.

While talking to TradeFair Times on his expectations from this years’ IEIA Open Seminar, Mr. S Jafar Naqvi spoke on the issues that he feels are vital for the TradeFair Industry’s growth would be delibrting with his collegues during the Seminar’s Panel Discussion.

TFT : What do you expect from this year’s IEIA Open Seminar ?
Jafar Naqvi : IEIA board has taken up this decision to host the seminar here at Delhi. This is an important developmental step. Most of the decision makers and policy makers are present here at Delhi. We have opportunity to showcase strengths, potential and problems faced by Exhibition Sector to the policy makers. Two years back, when this program was organised here at Delhi, the then Union Minister Shri Subodh Kant Sahai had promised to take steps needed for development of this sector. However due to lack of followup and absence of a representative office of IEIA office here at Delhi, things could not be taken to logical conclusion. I mainly expect : a) Concrete Proposals for policy changes to be made to the central & State Governments. b) Proper Followup action to ensure effective actions from concerned departments. c) Increased mutual trust and cooperation among IEIA members so all of us work for development of the sector as a whole, regardless of our mutual competition that should continue in a healthy way.

TFT : According to you , where will the Indian Exhibition Industry be at 2020?
Jafar Naqvi : INDIA is the next BIG phenomenon. With increased urbanization, consumer awareness, Improving GDP and sheer size of our nation, the industry has no upper ceiling. Indian market has entered the phase that Europe and US witnessed in late sixtees and seventees. We will have everything that is present in developed world. Needless to say, we will have an exhibition industry making vital contribution to Nation building in times to come. I expect at least a 2000% increase in exhibition market size.

TFT : How do you think the IEIA would help the Indian Exhibition Industry ?
Jafar Naqvi : A growing industry needs control as well as support. The limits when control or support becoumes counterproductive is a matter best decided by people concerned. That is where IEIA will have to play its vital role. While exessive control can hinder growth, excessive support can distort the industry dynamism. IEIA should therefore help government formulate balanced controls along with ballanced supports. Various issues and clarifications with regards to taxation issues, classification, law and order anomalies need to be solved. Events that ‘harvest’ from existing consumer income and events that ‘improve’ productivity to improve consumer income are class apart. One should be taxed like cinema, the other should be financially supported like education. All this can be done only when the organisers themselves get organised. IEIA is fast growing in that direction.