Vipul Agrawal, Managing Partner, EXPRO Events


TFT : Heartiest congratulations from TFT to be elected in the IEIA EC.
Vipul : “Thanks a lot”.
TFT : This is the first time that IEIA has elected an EC from Exhibition Venue Construction field, and you have lead the segment – your comment please.
Vipul : “I personally feel it’s a great beginning & can definitely work out as a good bridge between two very important verticals of the industry as well as associations ie. IESA & IEIA. This would help me raising the concerns pertaining to our industry at the important platform of IEIA & vice versa”.

TFT : What is the current need of the exhibition industry and what is IEIA doing to cater to that need?
Vipul : “The most important thing is getting an industry status to the exhibition & trade fair sector & IEIA has taken this as the prime most initiative”.

TFT : Could you please share some insight on the plan for the open seminar 2016 edition?
Vipul : “We are currently working on the dates which shall most probably be somewhere in April-May & the event this year shall be held at BIEC, Bangalore. We plan to make some changes in the format this year, bringing in some new innovative ideas. The EC, IEIA is working on this & we would be releasing the details in due course”.

TFT : Do you think the current ratio in the EC is a good one?
Vipul : “Why not! This reflects well on IEIA, giving good representation to the service oriented industry, may it be infrastructure providers or venue owners or logistics company. For sure this would help the event industry as a whole in the longer run, since views of all the verticals shall now be better represented. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rakesh Kumarji, Executive Director, EPCH & Ex officio member cum past President, IEIA on his vision & fairness on the matter”.