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“The new ITPO will have an iconic Convention Centre, Hotel, underground car parking and many new world class amenities” – J Guna Sekaran, GM, ITPO

The changes expected in ITPO was explored by TFT’s Delhi correspondent Neetu Nigam after meeting with ITPO’s managing director  J Guna Shekhran.


According to a majority of third party organisers, ITPO’s current halls are not in a good condition and they are unable to take their machines inside the vestibules. But they are nevertheless bound to do their events in ITPO as they don’t have any other alternative. But now ITPO has understood the problems of organisers and the CMD has announced that within a year, ITPO will be completely altered.

TFT : Since 2-3 years, We have been hearing that ITPO is going under restoration. Hence this year’s announcement is not dissimilar from the past. Please put light along your road plan?
Guna : Yes, at long last we have reached at the stage where we will achieve our goal surely. Instantly, we have received the confirmation from all state Pavilion holders to demolish their pavilion. Demolition work will have to be finish till December to February. That’s the reason that at IITF award ceremony, our CMD announced that “whatever you are considering today, will not be there tomorrow (next year).”

TFT : What about those events which are already scheduled for the next year?
Guna : every event will pass as proposed. Any event is not dying to be cancelled.

TFT : In lodge to build all the pavilions within a year you will have to work in a swift way. If there is any third party event, then how will the renovation work be completed?
Guna :We will do renovation work in a dissimilar way. We are not proceeding to demolish every hall at one time. Like, Most of the third party event happen in hall no 7 to 18. They are much in demand for hybridisation. So 2,3,5,6 and state Pavilions are free and are not in use regularly. They come in use only during IITF. Hence in the first phase we are going to demolish this area. In this way, none of the events will be affected.

TFT : What about the renovation budget ? Are State Pavilions also compensating for their respective renovations?
Guna : Basically all the pavilions are ITPO property. We had provided them on rent. Till today, they are paying annual rent. Straight off, its all going over. What will be happening next year will be announced afterwards. It’s too early to say anything definitive.
As we know all states need their Pavilion in IITF so this is the reason the CMD welcomed all pavilion holders to join hands in this renovation. If they wish, they can add up.

TFT : How much budget will ITPO have if there is no state holder joining ?
Guna : In phase one we take in approximately two thousand two crore. So ITPO is going to pump close to a thousand crore in the first phase. In a beginning phase, we are going to renovate a thousand fit area and also coming up with one Convention Centre, which will have a capacity of seven thousand people. It will be Iconic with world class installations. Thither is a plan to get hotel into ITPO. Many more new things are in project which you will experience after the renovation work is completed.

TFT : That’s respectable, but what about parking facility? This is the greatest problem of every organiser, exhibitor and visitor.
Guna : Yes, we are creating an underground parking inside which will sustain a capacity of four thousand cars.

TFT : Loads of new and good things are going to happen, so, can we assume that those events which moved to another exhibition centres earlier might come back once again, Like Auto Expo and motor show?
Guna :automobile show is still going on here. Actually, that show will materialise into two parts, one is motor show which is just a showcase of motor cars and bike’s and another one is components show, which is the main business show
and that they are keeping it in Pragati Maidan.Since then it’s never moved on.
Since others offer a good deal of things like travel facilities, media, promotion etc, they were moved there to give them space.

TFT : Do you think they will come back after the renovations?
Guna : look we never not finished them. They moved there themselves. But who knows the future, maybe after a renovation they will yield. And if they come back, they will be happy. Going out was their own decision. Returning will also be their own choice.

TFT: Let come on the things after renovation. Plenty of event organisers use to say that ITPO’s present halls are also good, but they didn’t maintain it properly. What is the maintenance plan post renovation.
Guna : It has to be a CMD call. I’m unable to comment on it. But I appeal, it has to be observed by the outside people like ITPO’s other regional centres are mentioning. ITPO is too great and we have a shortage of manpower. So new construction work will be noted by the outsiders very well.