TFT: How is IndiaSoft beneficial for the Indian IT companies?
Saumen: The whole objective of the council was to have the interaction between the MSME or mid-size companies, so whenever you have a large American company or any other company looking for another great Indian company you always have the larger names, but when a MSME of the US wants to look for any of the mid-size companies in India they have no clue so the objective was to get both of them together. Today we have some 500 such delegates from 70 countries and interacting with captively with over 200 buyers from India.

TFT: What are your plans for the next edition?
Saumen: So we want to grow it every year, so from 500 let’s see which is the number we can get from outside, but increasingly there is a lot of interest that is growing all around the world because of this particular event. This is the 14th year of the event and it’s growing every year at quite a stupendous
force, we ourselves are trying to keep pace with it, hopefully we will do much more than this.

TFT: Tell us something about the partnership with India?
Mashita: V-Cube is the largest video conferencing and visual communication program in Japan and in South East Asia and Intellisys, the biggest player in India. This is the partnership between the two largest players from different regions. We have different line ups, different technology and we will combine both together and take the bigger market in the region.

TFT: What made you collaborate with India? Why not any other region?
Mashita: Of course India is the biggest country in the world and it has the biggest potential in the world. So yes absolutely India.

TFT: With the partnership with Japan, how do you think this would help the Indian IT Industry?
Saumen: India has been predominantly focusing on services as you know and we have done phenomenally well worldwide, now it’s time to show the Indian powers in intellectual properties and IT and this is one of the first of its kind collaboration between two global product companies combining together un terms of acquiring more market size, market share and today we are large enough in our own countries, we want to combine and take on South East Asia and then maybe the rest of the world. Let’s see how it goes.

TFT: Could you brief us about the partnership with Japan?
Saumen: Essentially what’s happening is that, India, as I said before, is at the cusp of digital revolution and with the Make in India/Made in India kind of programmes that are happening, every nook and corner of the country is getting covered through the citizens’ network, e-governance to education to healthcare. One of the things that are going to be fundamental is the reach, from right from the government level at the Central government and the state government right up to every village in India. Technology is the only way by which the reach can be taken to every citizen including the implementation of e-governance. We feel that this will be a right step in addressing that great opportunity in this country.

TFT: With the combination of India and Japan, what you would like to do together?
Mashita: We are in the same industry; we look like we are providing a similar product, which is not true, it depends on the country and the stage of the country. The request from the customers are different but we have a variety of line up which are requested by a lot of customers. We have more than
5000 customers, with those kind of knowledge and experience we can bring a better solution and bigger line ups for the Indian market and our
collaboration will be not only about the core purpose but also the social infrastructure as well.