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“This is the platform where you’ll find all the event agencies along with the vendors come together under one roof – Eeresh Kavi

I Am Important

TFT has interviewed more than 300 Exhibition Organisers, from the start-ups to the biggest of them from the world. This exclusive Q and A, “I am Important” is exclusively meant for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Visitors of Trade Shows where we talk to the other side of stake holders about their products/ services and their experience at a Trade Show. TFT reporting team visited Palm Expo and spoke to few of very important participants. Four of such exclusive talks follow:

Eeresh Kavi, having 8 years of experience in almost all genres of events, is deeply fond of exhibitions and has catered to a good number of exhibitions & events from corporate events & product launches to MICE events. With a diploma in Event Management & Public Relation, Kavi has worked in many reputed organisations like Wizcraft, Percept, and Seventy Seven Entertainment etc.

Eeresh Kavi from Neo Niche Integrated Solutions talks to TFT about being at rade visitor at PALM Expo 2018, along with many other questions.

TFTFirstly, tell us why PALM Expo 2018?
EK – Because of the vendors, of course! Whom we come across and do lots of meetings with in terms of research, what new is there in the market in terms of technology, new equipment’s coming into the market like running boards, and also you get to partner with lots of international vendors,that’s one of the main reasons. Secondly it’s kind of a socializing point when it comes to the event industry since this is the platform where you’ll find all the event agencies along with the vendors come together under one roof, spend some quality time and gain lot of knowledge and insight into the industry.

TFTBesides Networking & Knowledge what else will you carry away from PALM Expo this year? Have you attended the previous editions?
EK– Yes! I have. Last year, I couldn’t make it but I was there for all previous editions. I make it a point to visit the expo along with friends and colleagues from the industry at least once in three days. We make the plan of visiting together to meet old vendors and to gain some insight on the market and knowledge in terms of new technologies which are available in lighting, sound and AV which is more booming now. This helps to keep pace with the booming innovation in the industry.