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“This multi-city roadshow is a grand way to showcase the fact that cruise tourism is the fastest growing travel segment in the country” – Varun Chadha

TFT Correspondent Adrija Dasgupta questions Varun Chadha, Chief Operating Officer, Tirun Travel Marketing (India Representative of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited). Together they discuss and talk about his company’s present activities and future plans in the press conference meet held in Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata.

TFT: How has your time been here in Kolkata and in this press conference?

VC: Its fantastic to be here and see many media personnel’s be a part of this event. I am enjoying my time here.

TFT: Can you explain what Tirun Travel Marketing is about?

VC: Tirun Travel Marketing, the exclusive India representative of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited, has announced its plans to launch a grand multi city trade roadshow to introduce cruise enthusiasts and travel partners to Celebrity Edge, a transformative cruise ship redefining the standards of cruising across the industry.

TFT: Tell us about the Celebrity Edge?

VC: Celebrity Edge is a revolutionary cruise ship by award winning Celebrity Cruises. It has set some unprecedented standards with its features, aesthetics, architecture and most importantly, itineraries.

TFT: How excited are you about it and what is going to be the highlight of the show?

VC: I am always excited about this show as it’s been there since a long time. It is a true architectural wonder with various amenities including an innovative moving deck called:

  • The Magic Carpet – The world’s first cantilevered floating platform that keeps changing its position to offer breath-taking views to guests.
  • Infiniti Veranda – a feature that enables guests to transform their entire living space into a balcony opening out into the vast ocean, all with the touch of a button.
  • The Garden Of Paradise on Water Eden – The first of its kind ship features Eden, an on board garden and a recreational area, that includes some of the most exotic and beautiful plants across three levels ensconced in glass, looking out to the beautiful ocean outside.

TFT: What is the main theme of this press conference meet?

VC: The main theme of this press conference meet is that considering the great anticipation in cruising circles regarding “Edges Launch”, it is a big deal that a massive awareness and introduction event is undertaken for the benefit of every Indian Cruise enthusiast. The company have focused on a list of cities initially as we believe these developing markets have a huge potential for future business.

TFT: How innovative is Tirun Travel Marketing going to be this year?

VC: It’s going to be very innovative and some companies are going to participate with innovative technology based products at the show. So, we are very positive. We are really looking forward to it. Many companies have been participating and they can showcase latest innovation and breakthrough technology and products.

TFT: What statement would you like to make with this announcement?

VC: This multi city roadshow is a grand way to showcase the fact that cruise tourism is in fact the fastest growing travel segment in the country.