From 23rd to 26th June 2019 the International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA) will meet up in Venice, Italy for its Congress and Partnering Event under the theme “The Human Factor”.

In the fast-moving world of exhibition logistics, we all wish to be equipped with the latest technological innovations in order to simplify daily tasks and, above all, maximize efficiency. We should however take a moment to step back and analyze exactly how we do our business. The world changes rapidly; our basic needs as humans, not so much. A harmonious, motivated and experienced team can move mountains when working together for a common goal. To unlock human potential in an unpredictable environment, practices that help us both slow down and speed up—in ways that complement each other—can help shift the paradigm from stress and survival to excitement and vitality. Teamwork and sharing is what it’s all about and no machine can replace this component named the Human Factor, but it makes the difference!

IELA has set its goals with values in mind. We promote competence, passion, initiative and commitment hand-in-hand with courtesy, solidarity and respect. We believe that the Human Factor strengthens the reputation of our association as its members become “pillars” creating solid foundations for a sustainable future.

The IELA Congress is indeed much more than networking. It is a great resource and inspiration for business and collaboration to shape the future of our industry.



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