M Q Syed spoke to Sudeep Sarcar, General Manager at India Expo Mart NCR, the official host of 5th edition of IEIA Open Seminar, excerpts

TFT : Congratulations on hosting the 5th edition of IEIA Open Seminar at Expo Centre. Hope your team must be super busy these days ?
Sudeep : Thank you very much. IEIA has mandated Expo Centre this extremely important annual gathering to be organised at India Expo Centre , yes the team is obviously very busy for preparations.

TFT : You are also part of Open Seminar Organising Committee ? How is the seminar shaping ?
Sudeep : it’s really exciting to be part of the organising committee of Open Seminar, you can expect out of the box things when the organisers brainstorm to organise an event for themselves.The seminar is shaping up really well, you must have witnessed a lot of buzz doing the round as the campaign is already getting momentum

TFT : The delegates at last year’s Southern Plunge of Open Seminar wasn’t very encouraging, how many numbers you expect at Expo Centre ?
Sudeep : Southern plunge of IEIA Seminar was a very well organised event, the keynote by Andhra CM Mr Chandrababu Naidu and his government support and encouragement to IEIA for setting up a TradeFair Academy was historic announcement
As far the attendance, the Andhra/Telangana’s exhibition sector is still growing , the Ganesh Chaturthi during the event also could have been one of the reasons for lower attendance.NCR being headquarter of IEIA and also the city with highest number of exhibitions and organisers will certainly witness a bigger show, We also expect the Services Exhibition to attract more delegates to the seminar

TFT : What value does stakeholders take home from the 5th Edition Open Seminar ?
Sudeep : Exciting sessions with distinguished national and international speakers , a once in a year networking opportunitiy, an exhibition on exhibition services and lots of fun

TFT : Would you like to highlight any recent key developments at Expo Centre for TFT Readers ?
Sudeep : In addition to being one of the leading venues in India, we also host a lot of international conferences such as AGM of Asian Development Bank, Petrotech and International Hand Surgery Conference and World Dental Congress. Keeping in view of the increasing demand, we have converted two of our permanent exhibition halls into conference halls with acoustics. One of the main can further be sub divided into six more parallel halls. You will be able to experience the same in the IEIA Open Seminar.
Further we are doing capacity additions of indoor space. The construction is in full throttle and we wish to complete it in record time in order to be ready for the next season. We wish to present this in the IEIA Open Seminar

TFT : What does IEML’s financials says’s ? Breakeven in 2022 ?
Sudeep : Thanks to the industry, we are operationally achieved financial break even. But there is a long way to go in order to achieve the break even for the destination. This is possible only with joint collaboration and partnership with all stake holders.

TFT : Expo Centre has been hosting leading shows since last two shows, would like to mention few of them here for TFT readers with respective sizes ?
Sudeep : Yes we have been the chosen venue for a lot of leading shows. Be it India Handicraft & Gift Expo; BC Expo; Auto Expo – The Motor Show; Petrotech; World Dental Congress – all of these are the largest in their respective categories. But the journey has begun and gaining momentum under the dynamic leadership of our Chairman, Sh Rakesh Kumar.



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