I Am Important

TFT has interviewed more than 300 Exhibition Organisers, from the start-ups to the biggest of them from the world. This exclusive Q and A, “I am Important” is exclusively meant for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Visitors of Trade Shows where we talk to the other side of stake holders about their products/ services and their experience at a Trade Show. TFT reporting team visited Palm Expo and spoke to few of very important participants. Four of such exclusive talks follow:

Frederik Afif, International Key Account Manager – Elation Professional.

A German National with more than 10 years of experience as a Key Account Manager in tech and light industry, Frederik Afif has travelled around the world being a part of more than 100 events. He is also responsible for sales to international export customers. His proficiency in multiple languages along with a strong work ethic, have contributed to Elation’s growth as one of the world’s leading lighting & visual solutions providers.

TFT : How has your experience been at PALM Expo 2018?
FA : First of all, it’s a pleasure to be here in this beautiful country with amazing distributors and they have wonderful stuff. For me, it’s a great experience to see how passionate everyone is and how much or how many people are here today to experience new products, to see what’s going on in the market. I’m very happy to be here.

TFT : Tell us, why PALM Expo 2018?
FA : PALM Expo is probably the only exhibition that really caters to the Indian Market.

TFT : What about the ROI in terms of footfall for commercial sales in PALM?
FA : Honestly, ROI for commercial sales has been bad. Participating in PALM Expo is more about networking, meeting friends from the industry and displaying-showing the products you have. It’s a total networking space.

TFT : Tell us something about your company products.
FA : Basically, what we have in Elation range is everything from stage to lighting, tour, TV for big & small or any kind of event(s). Most importantly, we have products which are suitable for any conditions. We have moving heads which are made for outdoor use, even in the hardest environment like sea-water environment i.e. dust and sand etc. These products can take it all and we as a unit keep working very hard for such innovation. Innovative products which make the life of every user of any & every production company much easier so that they can rely on their equipment(s). We make equipment’s which are easy to maintain and which they just can trust in and this is the reason why we are here, to show the people more about the little details and why we make a difference with our products.