THE construction of Shanghai World Expo Museum will be completed by the end of March, city officials said yesterday.
The museum, spread over 46,000 square meters near Lupu Bridge and on the former Puxi Shanghai Expo site, is the only one of its kind in the world. It is scheduled to open in May, and will showcase exhibits from the past and future World Expos.
A museum official said a trial run will be carried out before the official opening.
The museum’s main structure is ready, said Zhou Hongyi, a project manager with the Shanghai Construction Group. Zhou said they were currently working on arranging the exhibits inside the museum.
The museum is a partnership between the Shanghai government and the Bureau of International Expositions, the governing body of the World Expos.
After the 2010 World Expo Shanghai, the BIE and the city government decided to jointly build the museum as an official archive center for the World Expositions.
BIE said it will invite major pavilions from Expos to donate their centerpiece exhibits to the museum in Shanghai.
More than 200 participants from the 2010 World Expo Shanghai donated more than 30,000 exhibits for the planned museum. About 700 more exhibits were received from 44 participants at the Expo Yeosu in 2012 in South Korea.
The building is composed of two areas called “River Valley” and the “Happy Cloud.”
The “River Valley” is the main attraction with five floors and an underground level that will house the main exhibition hall of the museum. The “Happy Cloud” will have rooftop gardens, temporary exhibition halls and public services areas.