The Worldwide Exhibition Industry is continuously transforming and evolving but organizers are yet to fully solve two of their major concerns:

  • The Exhibitors recruitment activity
  • To create, manage and maintain an efficient worldwide sales/agents network

With its goal to have agents and representatives offices all over the world, WEA; during the IEIA Open Seminar in Greater Noida, launched the perfect tool for the organizers to obtain exhibition space selling solution in a global way but at a affordable cost.

WEA GmbH and WEA Asia, are headquartered respectively in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Over 50 Countries under the WEA Network are now offering Space Selling Services for International show organisers in seven macro sectors.

M Q Syed, a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Trade Show Sector has been elected Managing Director of WEA Asia. Yogesh Vyas, another Indian having over 16 years of trade show industry experience has been appointed WEA Asia CEO in India. While Padma Mishra, with over 18 years experience in Trade Fair Service Sector was elected as Member of the Board of WEA Asia.

Claudio Cottone, the Founder of WEA Group, says “WEA helps organizers to deal with a complete, effective, competent and reliable sales agents network around the world, with over 50 countries already under WEA’s Agent and Office Network, we are now ready to sign up with Indian organisers to sell their Exhibitions space from the largest network of selling agents in the world”.

Yogesh Vyas informed “WEA Group is the first independent worldwide network of exhibition sales agencies, agents across 100 countries. WEA provides tailor made sales and marketing solutions for exhibition organizers across the globe”.

Commenting on the launch of WEA in India, Yogesh further added “IEIA Open Seminar was an apt occasion to launch the most sought after service for Trade Show organisers. We had a wonderful response at the event where more than 50 International and National Organisers and Associations have shown keen interest to sign up as ‘Affiliates’ with WEA Asia.



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