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Anshul B Lahoty – Champions of Global Exhibitions Day Mumbai

Q 01 : What educational background, Company, Designation and experience do you have?

Ans : B.Tech,M.Tech (ENTC),MBA (Marketing n Finance), LNB Solutions, Director Operations, 13 years exp.

Q 02 : Tell us about GED, What was the main idea of it, which audience did you want to attract and which role objects played?

Ans : GED was a get together organised purely for the exhibition industry vendors and organizers to know each other better. I was part of the core team,on my suggestion the Idea of safety was proposed and approved and accepted by all as it fit the industries need. I was obliged when all agreed to the idea

Q 03 : What do you expect from an Audience of GED2018?

Ans : The audience is mainly the industry all over the world,they will be able to know a few more vendors and companies this way.

Q 04 : Give us an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help your industry?

Ans : In 2012 when we started on our own I made sure that every labour and co worker was wearing a safety jacket,n helmet ,occasionally belts. The help to the industry was in a way accepted as a measure which is really important as none of our people have insurances or policies.