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Editor’s Note April 2020

Dear Readers,
While going to the Press, India had more than 12000 corona positive cases with over 400 plus deaths
China along with the rest of the world is still under the threat of the deadly coronavirus outbreak which has hammered businesses around the world. Statistics reveal a staggering 2771,700 cases of coronavirus while the death toll keeps increasing with a total of more than 146000 deaths worldwide.
Hence, we dedicate this edition to the Global Exhibition fraternity, to keep them updated on news related with Corona Virus . TFT Social started organizing Web Conferences from 3rd April 2020 onwards. Many, including IEIA started to follow the suit and there are suddenly an overdose of the Web Conferences. TFT has also been consistently focusing on Q & A in areas where ‘Industry Leaders’ discuss on different subjects. These Industry Professionals gave us insights on various aspects of trade fairs. Do peruse the Exclusive Q & A’s.
Technology is the future! And what better way to prepare for it than gaining great insights through TechTalk, DigiTalk and Exhibition Talk.
A Big Shout-out to Eddie from Exchange4Artist for providing with the Event Managers Horoscope and Exhibition Talk segment. We have Richard Erschik – one of the highest-rated Exhibitor Educators and Trainer from USA (Also referred to as the stand-up comedian in trade show exhibitor education). Learn with Richard is the segment where you’ll be enlightened with his talk. Do email and ask Richard your queries. A big thank you to Stephan Murtagh and Larry Kulchawik for sharing their wisdom with us on the Aspects of Exhibiting. I highly recommend Larry’s book “Trade Shows from One Country to the Next”.
TFT and the entire Exhibition Fraternity are concerned and pray for the deceased and sick people affected by Coronavirus. TradeFairTimes sends its best support to the people of China and those affected across the world.
Stay Blessed and Keep Reading TFT!
M Q Syed